Why Sheamus Needs To Win At WWE Night Of Champions & The Y2J Paradox!!!

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Hello Deal-A-Lites! D Deal is back and better than ever!

The IWC has been very coalescent off late with a lot of palavering involving the steroid scandals and the unceremonious (if you may) firing of wrestlers.

However, one very important topic of discussion which has unknowingly been forgotten by the IWC is the significance of the result of the 6 pack challenge on Sheamus' credibility as a champion.

Now, many might argue that Sheamus is doing well as champion, is cutting good promos, and is getting decent heat.

While his status as a champion is not totally in jeopardy, his “respect” as a champion is at stake. Hence I decided to pen down this article!

For those who disagree, allow me to explain

Sheamus has to be a champion in the true sense

To prove this point, I would like to choose two wrestlers as my yard sticks against which Sheamus will be compared just on the basis of the booking and the creative direction!

The two yard sticks here are going to be Randy Orton and Edge.

First, let’s see as to how Randy was booked as a champion, the last time he was in the title picture.

He was a heel so you can’t expect him to be pure. He always was assisted by the legacy and they did make a lot of difference in the outcomes of his matches.

However, they did not do “all” the dirty work for him. Being in a heel stable, they did what they had to do and that was weakening his opponent a bit.

But they never did all the dirty work for him. Randy did show his mat skills and his experience to prove that he is in the main event scene for a reason.

He was never "gifted" a win by the legacy. His talent came into play and he did execute with ruthless aggression to prove that he is a champ in the true sense.

Now let’s take a look at Edge and how he was booked as a champion on SD during his stay at that brand from 2007-2010.

Edge! Was never depicted as a champion who could be respected by his opponents and his critics. He always was "booked" to look weak in front of his opponents

While people called Edge the Ultimate Opportunist. Edge never won a match in the same manner a champion should and that is via dominance

He was always assisted by associates and never won with out any help

On instances when he had to face off in singles bouts, Edge always had that look of intimidation and fear in his eyes and on many occasions backed out to display his gutless nature

While Randy on the other hand always used to come and face his opponent “like a man". He never showed any fear, nor was he ever intimidated by any of his opponents

With this we can derive that Randy was a champ in the true sense while Edge was a “gutless” champion.

It is not their talent that has to be blamed but the poor booking.

Yes, I agree that Edge played his gimmick very well but his “ individual” effort that went in to the match was very less.

Edge always had that help from one place or the other which helped him get past the line. I am not saying that he was worthless but he was booked "miserably" to say the least.

Hence for me, Edge was a “gutless” champion.

Now! Let’s throw Sheamus in the mix.

First of all, his condition has been worse than Edge’s condition was when he was the Champion

Sheamus has talent and is good on the mic. But he is yet to win a single match without any interruptions, whatsoever.

Let’s see how he has fared since he won the Title at TLC last year:

He won his first title at TLC last year. While he was not assisted by anyone, to our eyes it looked as if Cena fell from the table. Even though Sheamus won, but that "sighting" alone was good enough to bury the credibility he had gained as a champion.

He managed to keep the title around his waste after the Next PPV as well, but he never scored any pin fall against Orton via his own domination. The Legacy screwed Randy.

He lost at the next two PPV Events.

He did manage to take Triple-H down at ER but only after he had injured him before the match.

He wasn't booked for any match at Over The Limit.

He won the title for the second time at WWE Fatal 4 Way but “again” due to “interferences” and “distractions” which he used as an advantage

At the next two PPV Events, he did manage to keep the title with him but still he never “earned” a victory and neither was he able to dominate his opponent like a champion should.

As a matter of fact, on many occasions he has been shown sulking away from trouble, “which a champ shouldn’t”, and has even been shown like a coward against Randy Orton.

With all this said, he is yet to “EARN THE RESPECT OF THE MAJORITY”

This proves that Sheamus falls in Edge’s category!

Hence I have to call him a gutless champion.

I agree that we as people have started respecting him but the point is that we are IWC and we are the “vocal minority” and Sheamus is yet to appeal to the majority.

Should he “Keep His Title” the exact same way or gets a cheap win at Night Of Champions, he will loose a lot of credibility he has earned and to be honest he will be “dubbed” as a “gutless champion”.

This will be a very tough place to come out from. As a result he needs to prove that he is a champion in the true sense and “Needs To Win Clean” at NOC!

He is Fighting Against All the Big Boys 

While Sheamus on one hand has not been booked properly, NOC is the perfect opportunity for him to prove him self because he is going against The Best on RAW!

The Majority of the WWE Universe are huge fans of Cena and Orton. With the mature fans favoring Orton and the young ones rooting for Cena.

They are perhaps the top stars in the WWE today and a dominating win for Sheamus here can do wonders for him.

Now the match also includes Jericho and Edge. While they are not being well utilized now, all the people love and respect the two of them to a very great extent.

The common human psychology is that fans will respect any person that their idols respect. Sheamus winning won’t make Cena and the others praise him but if Sheamus can really dominate the match and walk out with a clean pin fall against any of them “except for Barrett” then he will get rid of that “gutless” Champion’s tag

With that said, we can easily conclude that Sheamus winning will turn the tide in his favor for a long time and next time he walks out to a lot of taunts from the crowd, he will still be respected! 

Sheamus Losing Will Not Do Any Good for Him 

After having explained as to how Sheamus needs to win at Night of Champions, I also want to state that if Sheamus loses then it will be a huge upset for his career

The reason being that he has to stand out against the “BEST”. If he fails against them, then it will conspire against any respect that Sheamus has earned as a champion from the majority.

People are “nuts” about the stars which Sheamus is fighting against. People go “pop-corns” when ever they see John Cena or Randy Orton come out. People consider them God.

Sheamus needs to defy all those odds and “Force” the fans into respecting him.

If Sheamus loses then it won’t be the end of the road for him but will surely mean that he is a “weak” Champion who can only talk big and dominate the mid carders but fail against the Top Stars.

He already has been given many chances to prove himself and he is yet to win clean. Yes, he is a two time champion and is yet to dominate any major superstar ever since he won the title.

Since his first victory against Cena, a record nine PPV Events have passed and he has either gotten himself Disqualified or won the match due to an “interference”

So it all boils down to this- We as fans are being made to loose our respect for him as champion due to the poor booking.

Sheamus needs to dominate the match like he never has. It has to be one such defying moment in his career that ensure all love and respect for him even from his critics.

A Win will do wonders and a loss will make his respect start pushing up daises!

The Jericho Paradox

Over the past few days, the “bomb” dropped by Jericho on RAW has hit the WWE Universe and has had us in splits.

Jericho was quoted as saying that if he does not win at Night of Champions then he will quit the WWE for good.

Now, I do realize that the many of my fellow writers here would have adjusted the computer screens on looking at the title and would have pretty much hatched a plan which would make me go “Et tu…B/r” but apparently I do have a logical explanation for it.

Jericho has plans to tour with Fozzy in the month of October. His schedule rivals his appearances on Monday Night RAW

One more thing that we need to keep in our minds is that he is yet to sign a new contract.

We all know that the story lines are planned one month in advance and the fact that Jericho has not yet signed a contract pretty much writes him off.

We all know that the story lines do get “modified” time and again but they are not changed entirely. Also story lines for at least a month are finalized before hand.

Given the fact that Jericho is yet to sign a deal, it is pretty obvious that he is not going to win, unless of course the WWE decides to throw a curve ball at us.

This further adds to my point that Sheamus “needs” to win at Night of Champions more than any one else.

As for Jericho quitting, that is not happening any time soon.

Jericho has himself stated in many interviews that he is "not done" with the WWE as yet.

Secondly, his DVD and book are about to be released soon. He will indeed be helping the WWE with the proper marketing of his merchandise as well.

So Jerichoholics! Don’t loose heart if he looses at Night of Champions! It is surely not the end.

With that, D Deal is done explaining as to why does Sheamus deserves a win at Night Of Champions more than any one else.

That’s all guys! I have spoken.

So tell me as to what you think! Do you agree or you don’t? Does Sheamus deserve to win or not? Should Jericho walk away with The Gold or does Randy need to be brought back in the title picture?

Please do leave comments and let your opinions be known to me, any praise and “constructive” criticism will be accepted but do let your opinions be known to me


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D Deal has been done!


A Note- I am sorry for the not well choreographed nature of this article. It was typed on my mobile and hence the screw up. 

Secondly this will be my last article before I take a break for about 2-3 weeks from b/r. I have my exams knocking on my door so please excuse me if I miss your work. I will respond to comments on this one and the ones that I get time to read

Last but not the least! Thanks to all you for the love and support for getting rid of my imposer. I did act in a way I was not supposed to and I did flip out. But Thanks again for all the help. I really appreciate that!





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