Chicago Bears: All Time Team

Dan BooneSenior Analyst IAugust 6, 2008

An All Time Chicago Bears team is very hard to name cause they been bearing down around town for so damn long.

But here goes...

Quarterback: Sid Luckman is likely the only Columbia QB to make the NFL Hall of Fame. It shows the Bears bungling at this position that a player from the '40's is the best they got.

Jim McMahon, extremely effective and a charismatic leader when healthy, gets the back up role. Along with the all time Bears team kicker and back up QB George Blanda.

Since this is a fantasy team the Bears don't trade Bobby Layne and dominate the '50's and overcome the legendary McCaskey cheapness and raid the faltering USFL to snatch Jim Kelly or Steve Young to be McMahon's 80's backup and win another Bowl.

Running Backs: The great Walter Payton, of course.  at running back. The massive Bronko Nagurski at fullback. The 230 pound Bronko could play linebacker or fullback and be All Pro today.

What about Gale Sayers?

Well he is the third down back/ kick returner.

Along with David Hester who runs back punts and kicks. 

These Bears, as ye will see, are special teams demons.

Wide receivers: The Bears drought at wide out is almost as bad as at QB. So we have two Willies. 

Olympic fast Willie Gault and  the too early gone Willie Galimore split out wide. Yeah we made Galimore a full time end. Dennis McKinnon is the third receiver and when we get funky Sayers splits out wide.

Tight End: Da Coach. Mike Ditka, a Hall of Fame tight end, was a much better player then coach. Brutal blocker, relentless runner, give the man a seegar.

Offensive Line: The 80's stalwarts Jimbo Covert, All decades 80's team, and Keith Van Horne at tackle. Hall of famer and early weight lifting guru Stan Jones at guard along with 80's guard Mark Bortz. Bulldog Turner at Center but we use Jay Hilgenberg to long snap.

Never cut football players named Bronko or Bulldog...

Paddy Driscoll will drop kick. And drop kick well.

Now the heart of the Bears, the defense.


Put the legendary Dick Butkus right in the middle of a 4-3 alignment. Let's flank him with the 80's Aces the fast, vicious Wilbur Marshall  and the brutal, run stuffing Otis Wilson.

Defensive Line.: Hall of Famer Dan Hampton and "Mongo" Steve McMichael work best together so we keep that duo intact. But Tommy Harris will spell them.

At End 6'8 Hall of Famer Doug Atkins brings the heat and a man unjustly deprived of the Hall, Richard Dent, collects the sacks.

Defensive Backs: Lets get Red Grange in there at corner, Red can run sure but won the '33 championship game with his tackling.

Richie Pettibone and Gary Fencik at safeties, and maybe Mike Richardson at the other corner. Or perhaps Tillman, Vasher, or Frazier...its tough.

Doug Plank and Todd Bell are foaming at the mouth in the nickel package to get a shot at Terrell Owens.

Now the fun part of an all time Bears team. The special teams.

Well the kick coverage team anyway.

Ed Sprinkle was known as the Claw and the meanest man in football during the '50's and Bill George, a Hall of Fame linebacker, was known as the meanest Bear ever.

We'll use them along with Ed O'Bradovich and DE Mike Hartenstine to break the wedge.

Did ya ever see the lick Hartenstine gave Ron Jaworski? Looked like a dead Jaws.

And  230 pound RB Rick Casares, who Ditka said was the toughest man in a fight he ever saw, along with three Bear Middle linebackers Hall of famers Mike Singletary, George Connor, and current Bear star Brian Urlacher to hit the edges of the return team. Hell might as well send Buffone too.

There goes Bill Hewitt breaking the wedge without his helmet.

We need speed get out there Neal Anderson, Dave Duerson, Mark Carrier, and Shaun Gayle.

Pressure Landeta if he must punt in the wind.

Get Roland Harper and Matt Suhey out there somewhere. McAfee and Piccolo too.

Cap Boso? Who could cut a guy with a name like that?

And all decade Joe Fortunato, Championship game MVP Larry Morris, Lance Briggs, and Mike Brown? Find them a spot.

So many Bears so few roster spots...

Somebody breakup up Buddy Ryan and Jack Pardee they are eye gouging and ear biting each other over on the far sideline about who runs this defense.

Who ever wins the Bears are bringing the blitz....

The Old Man, Poppa Bear, well he's just smiling his hard, fun, football grin...waiting for all time Redskin, Forty Niner, and Giant teams...

And Packers, oh those rotten cheeseheaded Packers...


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