Breaking News: Dixie Carter Says TNA Impact Will Be Live October 7, 2010

Anthony BonnetCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

Just earlier today, Dixie Carter announced from her Twitter account that TNA iMPACT! will be going live on October 7. 

"TNA iMPACT! is going LIVE on 10/7. Remember my tweet about how TNA is going to change forever? Stay tuned." Carter wrote.

Will it be live from now on, or is this just for one show? Time will tell, and hopefully this is a breaking point for TNA to do even better. 

Dixie had been hyping that TNA will be "changing forever" in the future; is this one of the major things they planned?

Let's hope with this coming of a live showing that TNA will showcase more of their talent and less of the likes of Kevin Nash, EV2.0, Hulk Hogan, and others. TNA has been recently making strides, and hopefully, they can continue to really improve the product for the fans to be interested.