Dear IWC: Chris Jericho Might Be Gone...But We Still Have Tyler Black

A. Version 2.0Analyst IISeptember 4, 2010

As many of us in the IWC know by now, one of the greatest WWE entertainers of all time, Chris Jericho, has decided to put his WWE career on the line at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view, in the 6-Man Pack- WWE Championship Match.

The match features five other top-notch performers; Wade Barrett, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and WWE Champion Sheamus, will all be gunning for the win at PPV.

Jericho, if we went by pure talent, is considered by many to be the best competitor in the match.

His short stature and lack of a power maneuvers in his arsenal, would immediately turn most fans off, not many wrestlers under the height of six feet were deemed "marketable," and so, they never made it big in the WWE.

But Chris Jericho has clearly become one of the few exceptions.

A six-time WWE World Champion, Chris has done everything from becoming the first-ever Undisputed Champion to headlining Wrestlemainia.

Jericho made up for the lack of power in his move-set, by showing off his fine athleticism, and forcing a reaction out of the crowd through his charisma.

Chris Jericho has thrilled the wrestling purists by delivering some of the best matches in WWE history.

His bouts with Shawn Michaels are often considered to be "once in a lifetime" spectacles.

Not only has he held his own with HBK, but he has also locked horns with the likes of; Edge, The Rock, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, John Cena, Randy Orton, and many others, as you're all aware.

Unfortunately, due to contractual issues, it doesn't look like "Mr. Best In The World" will be winning in the WWE Championship Match.

Chris Jericho also looks like he wants to re-dedicate his time to his rock and roll band, Fozzy.

As many have said before, the day Chris Jericho retires will be a very sad day in the pro wrestling industry.

Especially, for the often whiny, but also lovable, "IWC," the Internet Wrestling Community.

The IWC has always been fond of Chris Jericho because he is one of a dying breed.

Because Chris Jericho is one of the select group of WWE entertainers, that not only can produce in the ring, but also work the mic to perfection.

He is a complete wrestler, he has no flaws in his game.

Making his departure even more painful.

But I think the IWC should wipe their tears of pain away, because in only a few months time, one of the most talented young men in the independent scene will enter the WWE Universe.

The current Ring Of Honor Heavyweight Champion, Tyler Black.

Tyler Black inked a developmental deal with the WWE in August, and if his final ROH match goes without a hitch, the WWE and Tyler will finalize the deal.

Only 24, Tyler Black has already been a presence on the independents since 2005, for those who don't care to do the math, he made his professional debut at the age of 19.

Though he would find good success with his partner Jimmy Jacobs in the tag team division, winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles on two occasions, Tyler has clearly shown that he is someone who belongs in the main event picture.

Holding his own with fellow ROH alumni; Daniel Bryan, Desmond Wolfe, Chris Hero, Austin Aries, and his opponent at the Glory By Honor IX PPV, Roderick Strong.

His move-set is loaded with treasures that would make a grown man cry.

He has the ability to do; standing moonsaults, 450 splashes, superkicks, huracanranas...folks, he does the whole nine yards.

If you were to compare Black to a WWE superstar, right away, many would be hard-pressed not say CM Punk.

Black's body type not only resembles "The Straight Edge Savior," but both do wrestle the same way.

But, let's not be premature and say Black will become the "next" CM Punk, because there are some aspects in Tyler's "blueprint" that you can pick on him for.

His mic work isn't first class, the believability isn't there at times, but as he has shown recently, if put in good storylines, he can give passable promos.

Currently, he is threatening to take the ROH Heavyweight Title with him when he leaves the independent promotion, he has received major "heat" from ROH fans, and is showing his mic work as a heel.

But in the end, mic work can be taught, but in-ring athleticism is something that has to come automatically.

He also can be a tad wild in the ring, he isn't as polished and smooth as you would like. Very high paced wrestler, he also forgets to "sell" at times, but working with the seasoned WWE trainers should work all of his kinks out.

Guys like Fit Finlay and William Regal certainly know what they are doing.

He is a diamond with a very little rough on it, just need to wipe that rough off.

Just talking on a personal note for a second, I have never been some life-long "Jericholic", but Chris's performances make me say WOW every time; he really is an all-time great.

I will miss him when he decides to retire from wrestling permanently, there ain't many men that can say they're "The Best In The World At What They Do" and have the support of the IWC behind him.

He has made a career out of proving people wrong, and that is the type of person a human, not just a wrestling fan, wants to get behind.

Just like there will never be another Sting or Shawn Michaels, there will never be another Chris Jericho. I don't want to steal a catchphrase from a very extreme man, but Chris Jericho is "One Of A Kind."

Chris Jericho will be taking a hiatus, but just like he originally came back to "save us" from Randy Orton and "The Age Of Orton," I do think Tyler Black can make his debut and try to "save us" from poor WWE wrestling.

I do think that if used correctly, Black can become a fine substitute for Chris Jericho.

What do you think, IWC? Can Tyler Black make up for the end of Y2J era?


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