Lito Sheppard Soon to Be a Saint?

Robert LewisAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

Earlier this offseason, the Eagles brought in pro bowl free agent Asante Samuels, and Lito Sheppard wasn't shy about expressing his disapproval. There were rumors going around that Sheppard wanted a trade, but that the Eagles were asking too much and did not want to part ways with the corner back.

But on Tuesday, Sheppard made it clear he does not want to play the 2008 season as an Eagle. He blamed the front office for nitpicking certain aspects of his game that they say need improvement.

There were already talks that New Orleans would be interested in Sheppard, to help shore up the defensive back position that they have tried to address this offseason.

The Saints picked up Randall Gay and Aaron Glenn, and drafted Tracy Porter in the second round of this year's draft to address the issue. However, one would think that adding a two-time pro bowl cornerback with years left in the tank would be the smart thing to do, if only to add more depth and competition.

Sheppard has not had the best seasons lately, but that is often the trend in the NFL. Most of the greats had off years, and a change of scenery is all it took to return to pro bowl form.


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