WWE:The Eras of Pro Wrestling and the Generation of Today and Tommorow

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

Many of you have heard my story.

You read it, liked it, and commented with words of praise. Never have I achieved such a feat in here. By sharing my story and telling my trial and journey into pro wrestling and the IWC itself, I received more likes than any other of my articles combined.

On my birthday (9/17/10) I logged on and saw a Sapphire Medal in my medal collection. I was so thrilled to get that medal, and let’s just say that made my birthday because turning 14 wasn’t the best ever.  I was fully welcomed to the B/R Pro Wrestling community and even gaining fans from well people I never would think become fans of mine, Jamal Kiari Parker, a 14-year-old kid.

As I grow, I learn more about well, everything in life. I’ve only been on Earth for so long, and I have A LOT of more stuff to go by and get through. I gain experience, learn through my mistakes, earn privileges, and so forth.

As a wrestling fan, I do everything I can to show my love for the business.  Merchandise, copying moves off television (not so much anymore), mimicking other wrestlers, and defending the pro wrestling business when my peers at school refer to it as “fake." 

Although, what I love about the business the most is its history and how the fans of past generations showed their love for pro wrestling. I recently spoke to my grandmother who in fact was a pro wrestling fan herself. Her and my uncle would watch it, but I never knew the extent of their passion for the business was.

She told me how my dad and uncle, who lived in the 80’s and all, loved the great tag team the Road Warriors. They would watch them on TV, put on face paint to look exactly like them, and each and every Halloween before they were about 14 they would be the Road Warriors. The WWF was a big thing for my folks back then, and every time there was an event in the Baltimore area they would be there.

My grandmother then went on to tell me about Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect, and just about all of those legends you can think of during the golden era. My grandmother stopped watching wrestling after the Attitude Era, and her favorite wrestlers at the time were Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. She even told me about the time Steve Austin drenched Mr. McMahon in beer from a fire hose!  

When I told her about the current product she barely knew anybody. When I mentioned John Cena she couldn’t work out who he was. Randy Orton, she didn’t know who he was either, What about Rey Mysterio? Nope.

Just about anyone who debuted after 2002 or wasn’t big by then she didn’t know. She was surprised when I said Edge, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, and Kane still wrestled. She was dumbfounded that Hogan and Flair still wrestled, and when I told her about Shawn Michaels retiring, she went on to tell me how he retired...yeah.

I was thrilled that my family actually was fans of the pro wrestling business to that extent, because I thought I was the only one who was really “into” it. As of now I’m probably the only who’s all in the IWC and such, since my dad and grandmother could care less. And while my uncle watches it, he’s not a big IWC fella.

So, here I go just thinking about how my family used to be pro wrestling enthusiasts and all, because I like to think about things. It got me to the point where I just admire all the things WWWF/WWF/WWE has done for us. The great performers and how we the fans have helped it survive all these years.

We had, before Ric Flair and Hogan, the dinosaurs of the pro wrestling business such as Bruno Sammartino, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, and Ivan Koloff.

The Golden Era brought the WWF to greater heights with new faces and heroes that would forever have a legacy in the business today.  The New Generation Era occurred when new stars cemented their names in WWE history would debut, like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Triple H.

Attitude Era, oh Lord. The IWC worships and hails this era as probably the most entertaining of all time.  The Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley, Undertaker, DX, Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Chyna, and the Monday Night Wars. Controversy definitely sold during that period and the ratings since haven’t been beat. We had our fun and our heroes I definitely had mine.

The Ruthless Aggression Era, a lot of new WWE fans were born during this era but unlike many “fans” who claim that everything after the Attitude Era was pointless, dumb, or pure s***, the Ruthless Aggression Era was a great one. Cena, Batista, Orton, and Rey Mysterio all made their big breaks here.

According to the WWE, there is no such thing as the Ruthless Aggression Era. It’s just an IWC term made up by fans since Cena’s debut.  WWE refers everything from the point of WrestleMania 21 and onward as the “Current Era." Well at least according to the latest WWE Magazine.

The era in which we are in is one that will be missed by many fans when they get older. If you think about it, 13 of the superstars who competed in WrestleMania 21 are no longer performing with the company.  Some have found an outlet in other businesses or companies, some have retired, and two are deceased.   

Batista and Cena won their first world championships and went on to have great careers in the WWE. Batista held many World Titles and his reigns were plenty long. He transitioned well from face to heel during the end of his career with the WWE and had a great feud with Cena to end it all.

Cena on the other hand became the face of the WWE itself and is recognized by many, whether you see him on Monday Night RAW, or Fred The Movie.

While some are saying this is actually the “PG” era, I wouldn’t really name an era of wrestling after a rating on television. To WWE this is still the current era, but things are changing fast. Late 2009 into 2010 brought some unexpected things, notably Sheamus winning the WWE title from Cena back in TLC, Shawn Michaels retiring, and The Nexus putting WWE in cahoots.                                       


The Future Eras

While I don’t think we are automatically heading towards a new era, I do believe the future stars of tomorrow are well mid carders of the now and who will slowly but surely build their way up to become future legends and stars.

Do I think every mid carder in the business will make it big? Hell no. That’s never a possibility, and the WWE is an organization that is picky with stars. The creative team can be “high” on someone and then screw them over. Not everyone will win a World Title either, but World Titles don’t make legends all the time.

Randy Orton, Cena, and Triple H have been the big three for the past couple of years. HHH is in his 40’s and he’s not going to be all about in the ring as he used to be. Sooner or later, he’ll hang up the boots and for all we know maybe run the business someday.

Cena also has his days numbered. He’s still the face of the WWE, but he’s not going to be hogging the spotlight as he used to be. I highly doubt WWE will shove him down our throats like the last couple of years. He’s out of the World Title picture, using different moves, and overall helping put younger stars over such as the Nexus.

Orton, the youngest out of these guys and in fact younger than John Morrison, has a long way to go. He may lead the next generation of stars for all we know. The Viper is complex but we never know what WWE will do with him next. For all he’s done in the business right now for his age (he is younger than many mid carders today), this man surely will be a legend once he’s over with his run.

Rival promotions will come about, and who knows? Will we ever see a repeat of the Monday Night Wars era? (TNA’s attempt was failed, that wasn’t even a war it was complete domination.) I for one like to see other companies, like the fast-growing UFC, make WWE finally step their game up. Just because it isn’t a pro wrestling business doesn’t mean they won’t steal your viewers.

The new era of pro wrestling will indeed come, but only time will tell when it's "official" if I could say. The wrestlers of this era will be missed and if you would please watch this video, it tells it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewgmASk6WoQ

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