Why the New Orleans Saints Should Thank Bruce Allen

Kyle T. MosleyCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Saints fans have to applaud Bruce Allen’s stubbornness on the Favre trade. Allen was “unwilling” to unload a 3rd round pick and a player for the one player that could have wreaked havoc for the Saints and Panthers. Smart move? Of course time will tell, but I don’t think so.

Why? Tampa Bay won the NFC South last year against the inconsistencies of the Saints and Panthers. This year the Bucs would have needed an additional edge to create separation from their NFC South rivals, i.e., Brett Favre. The reason is that the Bucs will now face an improved Saints Defense, and the Panthers will welcome back Jake Delhomme.

Favre as their quarterback could have provided the deep threat that had the Saints’ secondary dizzy last year. Fortunately for New Orleans, the defensive line will create more pressure on their opponents QB’s in 2008. Thus creating problems for Garcia. I just don’t see Jeff Garcia being able to stand back and pick them apart again for two games with the new Saints D-Line.

Favre would have been a wiser QB choice for the Bucs. No offense Jeff, it’s just a fact. A Favre-Galloway connection would have created too many problems for the Saints handle.

So, here’s to you Bruce Allen. You definitely know the value of a Super Bowl versus a 3rd round pick. Thank You for making the best choice for the Bucs, Saints…and NFC South.

Geaux Saints!