MMA: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Diagnosed With Delirium?

Derek BedellAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

At the UFC press conference at the Mall of America today, Dana White said that after losing to Forrest Griffin, Quinton Jackson spent a week in Las Vegas, fasting and doing nothing but drinking energy drinks...damn those things are bad.

Doctors diagnosed him with delirium from the starvation. White said nothing is wrong with Jackson mentally.

I hope the doctor's concurred!

Credit for information.

So, I looked Delirium up on Here is what I came up with:

Delirium is a state of mental confusion which develops quickly and usually fluctuates in intensity. Delirium is a sudden state of severe confusion and rapid changes in brain function, sometimes associated with hallucinations and hyperactivity, in which the patient is inaccessible to normal contact.

Delirium is a group of symptoms, caused by a disturbance in the normal functioning of the brain. The delirious patient has a reduced awareness of and responsiveness to the environment, which may be manifested as disorientation, incoherence, and memory disturbance.

Delirium is often marked by hallucinations, delusions, and a dream-like state. Symptoms may include inability to concentrate and disorganized thinking evidenced by rambling, irrelevant, or incoherent speech. There may be a reduced level of consciousness, sensory misperceptions and illusions, disturbances of sleep, drowsiness, disorientation to time, place, or person, and problems with memory.

The delusions and dream-like state may explain the "God" references Jackson apparently hinted at about himself during the crazy events that unfolded recently. 

It also states the brain does not function properly and you could be very disoriented and incoherent.

I'm sure most people were like, "what the hell is Rampage doing?"

Simply put, he had NO IDEA what he was doing!

It's sad but probably true.

The unfortunate miscarriage that happened to an unlucky bystander occurred.  I think that will be the REAL issue with how long it will be before Rampage gets back into the Octagon.

Let's hope he will get this under control and "fight" his way back to what he does best.

It seems he will be spending some time with attorneys battling the charges and the assumed lawsuit coming from the victim of the miscarriage.

Time will tell how it unfolds. 

Hopefully, it won't be Jackson spending time in a cell but rather time training to return. 

We'll wait and see, I'm sure a lot of MMA fans are pulling for Rampage.  I know I am.