Forgotten Amidst The WWE & TNA Debates: The Brave Soul AKA The Wrestler

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer ISeptember 6, 2010

The Internet Wrestling Community is gossiping and masticating on the wrestlers, all around the world. Some are evaluating, some are criticizing, some are praising and some are condemning their work.

But in some corner of the world, there is a “wrestler”…and he is dying!

“The wrestler who once had millions of hands wanting to touch him, wanting to feel his sweat, wanting to touch his sculpted physique, could not even give a hand to support his, now woozy and shaking body.”

“He starts coughing up blood; it is all over his gorgeous chest. He starts to remember all those days when he sucked up all his problems and his pains just to entertain the fans. He tries to recapitulate all those occasions in which dressed up like a clown to amuse the fans, occasions where he gave the crowd a “hope” to cheer for and occasions where he gave them an evil to hate and swear at”

Yet! There are still many chinks in the IWC’s armor!

Some “heartless” snobs are hell bent on tormenting the wrestler! They are ready to jump on the wrestler and hold him guilty for all steroid related issues with out even "thinking", The same wrestler who bled, the same wrestler who sweated,, the same wrestler who sacrificed his own good and why? For US FANS!

The wrestler is now trying to remember all the surreal happenings of his life. All those days when he woke up before the sun rose, just to perfect his skill. All those days of physical suffering at the hands of his trainer who was appointed to keep him fit.

His entire life flashes before his eyes as he takes on last deep breath. All his achievements gone awry as he is now nothing but a soulless body!

An hour passes away and the door to the room which was assumed to be playing host to a “live being” is opened and in walks a girl, tapping her feet just to get a hug from daddy!

However the sight that she sees turns her smile upside down. She does not know what to do. She can’t believe that such a thing could happen in her life.

The Wrestlers wife walks in too. The once a proud wife of a tough soul tries to derive the reason for such an atmosphere, but by the time she does….Her eyes are already wet and showing despair.

The news spreads quickly to the world via the web like cancer. People begin jumping on the wrestler and start “assuming” things on their own!

“It is a case of steroid overdose” they say! “He did not have the guts to survive, hence followed that wrong path”, “Ah! Damn the same nonsense again”

People always jump on the wrestler. No one knows what the truth really is. Rather no one wants to know what the truth is!

The Evil Boss for whom the proud wrestler once worked makes an appearance at the scene too. The maximum he can do is having his Louis Vuttion soaked with the tears of the family of the deceased.
He will remunerate them. He will provide them financial aid but can he get them their loved one back?

Apparently No!

He will travel back on his charted private plain. He will sketch a few things for the next show and will still sip the costliest wine.

The loss of a wrestler won’t affect him much. He already has over loaded his roster with a lot of “talent” and will vault any random wrestler to take his place.

He will still not realize the need to be human. He will still not realize the need to give them some time off. He will still not realize the need to give the wrestlers some time to revitalize.

He will always be excused for he will say that… “I did offer him to go into rehab! Damn It” but no-one will ever realize that the question of rehab will arise only after a wrestler is treated like a machine by him.

I, as a writer, have always stressed upon inculcating ethics in the world of wrestling but every time I have been ticked off and called immature for not realizing that it is a business first.

But at the end of the day, ethics should be present. A person is better off as a respected looser than as a disrespected winner!

A wrestler is not injury prone by nature; he is injury prone because of him getting the treatment of a structure!

Once the air clears and the cause is known, the owner will always be declared as clean, which is correct but no one will ever know as to what provoked a wrestler to act in that way.

Rather than supporting the family of the deceased, people will start digging up graves just to prove that it was the wrestlers fault alone.

The IWC will be converted into a virtual battleground with people hurling abuses at each other. But in all this commotion we are all forgetting someone. Yes! You guessed it right! We are forgetting the wrestler's boss.

The Boss whose non-friendly working business model was the driving force behind the wrestler’s addiction to drugs and painkillers will rest on the costliest couch and enjoy all the luxuries of the world while the people will engage in burying not only the body but the soul of the wrestler as well!

I am not blaming the IWC! As a matter of fact, we have dealt with this situation in the most mature way possible and yes we surely have come up with many suggestions to help save the lives of the wrestlers.

But the only problem is that, people’s ego will always get the best of them. We will whine, we will cry, we will bitch and we will moan but it will all be of no avail for none of the authorities will give us any ear.

A Pro Wrestler is caught in the web of life after all. His soul is forgotten and buried in those talks which mean nothing to him!

Dedicated to the family’s those who lost their Brave Hearts to this cruel, “I, Me, Myself Business”. Don’t cry that it happened, feel proud that you were in the same four walls and under the same roof where the “wrestler” once lived”

Let’s not pull the wrestlers down my readers; they are working hard just to provide entertainment to us! They are working hard just to ensure that we people have fun at their expense. Let’s respect and remember those who did it all, for US!

Let’s remember the wrestler!!!

I would like to thank my friends and fellow writers Mike AKA The Professor and Chinmay whose work was a source of inspiration for this piece!

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