Calling Cowardice Is As Easy As Connecting The Dots

victorCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 01:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. reacts after defeating Shane Mosley by unanimous decision after the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It doesn't have to take a genius to describe Floyd Mayweather. Jr.'s actions as complications of his Manny Pacquiao-induced cowardice disease. Yes, it is a disease, and the first symptoms appeared in May 2009 in the eve of the Pacquiao-Hatton bout.

1. On his announced return at the eve of the Pacquiao-Hatton bout in May 2009, he called on light weight boxer Juan Manuel Marquez instead of the top pound for pound fighter. (Marquez claims he has one over Pacquiao, and some people believe him. Mayweather saw opportunity in softening Pacquiao's claim to the throne without the need to actually fight him).

2. After Pacquiao crushed Puerto Rico's fighting pride and top welterweight Miguel Cotto in November 2009 in a brutal but impressive manner, a lot of boxing afficionados are lining up Pacquiao's name among the greatest boxers, and Mayweather somehow felt the need to reiterate his claim as the "better" fighter and called on Pacquiao right after the bout, with the demand that the fight be held on March 2010. This demand is obviously siniister in nature. Pacquiao had just been through a big fight, he won't be able to get much rest as the Christmas season was in the horizon then. In short, his training time just wouldn't be sufficient enough. 

Surprisingly though, Pacquiao heeded the call. And as loud as the call-out was, Mayweather's silence right after was equally deafening which led most people to believe that maybe he wasn't expecting an answer that soon. It's a the opinion of many, and it backfired.

3. Talks were made nonetheless, with Mayweather dishing out demand after demand on the negotiating table. And from the looks of it, the demands won't surely end, prompting Pacquiao's camp to find the negotiations as hopeless and turned away from it.

One thing's certain regarding that 1st negotiation, there has never been in the history of the sport that demands as many as that of Mayweather's were laid on the negotiating table. All of which turned out to be superficial and with the sole intention of stalling the fight.

4. Pacquiao took on Joshua Clottey, the man whom many people believe should have won over Cotto on their last bout. And Mayweather took on Shane Mosley, the fighter whom some people believe Pacquiao refused to fight. Mosley is and old fighter at 37 then. At the eve of his Mayweather bout, he was a huffing and puffing 38 year old struggling to catch a breath.

5. Fight fans demand that Pacquiao-Mayweather happen, and 2nd talks were held with Pacquiao ultimately agreeing to all of Mayweather's demands. Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum presented Mayweather's camp the details of the fight, all of which Mayweather concocted, and Pacquiao agreed to. Mayweather however chose to be inactive about it, prompting Arum to set up a deadline for his response.

6. To everybody's shock and much to the disappointment of even the well-known Mayweather fans, Mayweather passed the deadline by, and issued a statement later on through his spokesperson, that there were NO negotiations. And that he never agreed to any of the details of it.

Now, how can Mayweather NOT agree with the details if there were no details to agree on? And the details are his, which Pacquiao merely agreed to comply with. HBO's Ross Greenburg, a third party in the negotiations later validated the existence of a negotiation and belied Mayweather's claim.

7. Further statements were issued by Mayweather, like he will take a year off boxing to conduct charity works. Then he also said he will take a vacation to spend time with his family. First of all, issuing statements to the press that he will conduct charity works takes the sanctity of the said action away. It makes it superficial and meant only as a publicity stunt. And listening to all of his excuses why he intend to take a vacation makes each and every one of them a fake. How can somebody be so inconsistent as to what he really want to do?

8. In between all of the milestones itemized above, Mayweather had been attacking Pacquiao verbally, with the latest deemed the most indecent and most foul. This is boxing, fists do the talking. But Floyd's fists are on his sides, and his mouth is all over the place. And it's very inappropriate. 

Now, nobody has to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES" to come up with a conclusion that Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao. Instead, even the simplest and youngest fight fan just have to "CONNECT THE DOTS" and he/she gets the clear picture.

Mayweather can say whatever he wants. As he is well-accustomed to that choice of action. But in the end, it always him who loses and makes his no loss record insignificant. As Mayweather was taking a vacation, Pacquiao was receiving awards and accolades as a fighter. As Mayweather was blabbing his verbal attackes on Pacquiao, Pacquiao was receiving the much-coveted fighter of the decade award for his decade's accomplishment as a fighter. (Mayweather will never have that one). As he was uploading videos of his envy and disgust over Pacquiao, Pacquiao is securing his legacy in this sport.

History has proven that the greatest men are men of action, and not of words.