Here We Go: John Cena Say's He Wants to End The Streak at This WM

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

Yes, he finally addressed it. John Cena while promoting his new movie, Legendary, was asked about what he plans to do next? "What's the next challenge for you: winning an Oscar or trying to end The Undertaker's Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania?"  Cena said he wants to challenge the Phenom at WM. He wants to be known as the man to end THE STREAK.

Hey it was only a matter of time right? I mean he is the Face of the WWE. The Undertaker has beaten everyone else there is to beat at WM. Yeah I know what you're thinking. He has already beaten Cena before. Yeah he did, but how long ago was that? Six years? Seven? Times have definitely changed since then. So has John Cena.

The question baffles me. Because Cena has never lost at WM either. Well never a singles match anyway. Every WM he has participated in, his match was for a Championship.

If these Gladiators do decide to go head to head at Wrestlemania, I'm pretty sure one of the major titles would be on the line. With Taker retiring HBK, and having already beaten Randy Orton and Triple H, who else is left?

Honestly I believe Cena could beat The Undertaker. When hasn't he beaten the odds?

Very possible, I will definitely keep my eyes open on any friction between these two,

Also those of you questioning if Cena has "The Rock" Syndrome—meaning he will leave WWE for Hollywood—straight from the horse's mouth, not likely. During the interview Cena was asked about The Rock & his success in acting. "I think Dwayne has done such a awesome job being a successful actor. The only problem is he left us, he's no longer doing activity with the WWE."

There you have it. John Cena is a major player in the WWE. He isn't going anywhere, any time soon.

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