What Are The Top-Ten Best Sports Songs Of All-Time?

Shane HouseAnalyst IAugust 8, 2008

Before you read the list I just want to say that I didn't include college football songs or songs that could only include one sport. Examples being: Take Me Out To he Ball Game, Hockey Night In Canada Theme or anything written by Stompin' Tom Connor. I wanted to pick songs that could be used in more then one sport.

Secondly. I chose songs that get me jacked and/or focused at whatever sports I play so feel free to include any songs in a comment that you feel should have been mentioned.

Thirdly. I tried to include all types of songs and not just one genre of music. I felt that all types of songs should have been included in this list and not just one type.


10. Sandstorm - Darude

This is an awesome jack-up song that would make me jacked about playing a board game. It's a great song to listen to if you want to just go 110% and kick some ass while doing whatever it is that you're doing at that point and time.

Great sports to listen to it: Hockey, Baseball or just good for working out.

9. Remember The Name - Fort Minor

The only rap song I allowed on in the top ten but it is worthy of it. As soon as I heard it in The Gridiron Gang with The Rock, I wanted to play football ASAP. This song is sick to listen to if you want to be focused and ready to go 110% at ALL aspects of the game.

"This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain. And a hundred percent reason to remember the name."

Now how can't you be focused after hearing those lyrics.

Great sports to listen to it: Football, Basketball, Martial Arts

8. Song 2 - Blur

Probably the ultimate jack-up song to listen to. It pumps you up and makes you want to bob your head. Probably played at every sports venue that has a stadium and always gets the crowd yelling Woohoo!

Great sports to listen to it: Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball

7. Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

This is the ultimate overtime song to listen to. Makes you want to focus at every aspect of the game and get that final overtime goal to win or that game winning touchdown with 10 seconds left. Great locker room song to listen to right before overtime starts.

Great sports to listen to it: Hockey, Football, Soccer

6. Thunderstruck - AC/DC

If you want to whomp another teams butt and beat them by like 30 points then this is the song for you. Always gets you pumped when playing sports and honestly makes you want to hit someone while playing too.

Great sports to listen to it: Football, Rugby, Hockey and any Martial Arts

5. Rock and Roll 2 - Gary Glitter

Even though this guy is in jail for liking kids a little too much, he can still make one hell of a sports anthem. Played at every staduim and people of all ages sing along to get the home team fired up.

Great sports to listen to it: Any sport played in a stadium

4. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Anytime you workout and want to give it your all and achieve that ultimate goal while defying all odds, you listen to this song. great song to listen to while training for any type of sport.

Great sports to listen to it: Boxing, martial arts

3. We Will Rock You - Queen

Once again played in every staduim and everybody sings along. This song just makes you want to tough out any injury and go out there and cause hell to whoever you are facing. Well thats how its used in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

Great sports to listen to it: Hockey, football, basketball, soccer

2. Kiss Them Goodbye - Steam

Nah, nah...nah, nah, nah, nah...hey, hey, hey. goodbye! Just wanted to clarify just incase you didn't know by the title. Played at the most opertune time, when the home team is winning with 3 minutes left. Also amazing to sing at sports games while drunk.

I know it's unneccessary to say, but its so true.

Great sports to listen to it: Hockey, football, baseball, basketball

1. We Are The Champions - Queen

The ultimate anthem for anytime you win at anything. It's inspirational, it makes every athlete cry when they just won a championship and it is played, and is sung even at the smallest of contests. There is no better way to celebrate winning then singing this song.

Great sports to listen to it: Any National Championship


So there it is. My list of the top ten best sports songs. I love all of these songs and love hearing them whenever I play sports. If there are any that you think deserved to be on there then by all means tell me.