WWE Releases Galore: Or What Is Wrong With TNA Fan Mentality.

Bryan MillerContributor IAugust 8, 2008

Over the last couple days, WWE.com has announced the release of 6 wrestlers and a referee, with dirt sheets suggesting that the ax hasn't dropped all the way, yet.  These former WWE talents include, James Maritato (better known as Nunzio), Former TNA Wrestler Chris Harris, Nelson Frazier Jr. (Big Daddy V), Shannon Moore, Kurt Sellers (James Curtis), Cliff Compton (Domino), and Referee Nick Patrick.  This isn't really worthy of an article on it's own, since while you might be able to make a case on why any of these folks should be allowed to stay in WWE, it's not really a huge shock.

What also isn't a huge shock, but a more worthy topic for this article is the reaction of TNA Wrestling fans online, to the news of these and other releases, over the past few years.  There are two main opinions within the TNA Fan group consciousness, on upon hearing about WWE Releases.  The main opinion is usually a desire to see anyone who's touch the canvas of a WWE ring, signed to a TNA contract the second that it is legally possible.  Regardless of how much "Impact" the former WWE worker had in WWE, TNA fans want to see what these people can do, if only given the chance to thrive in a atmosphere of creative freedom, away from the shadows cast by the WWE's triad of Evil, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H (Paul Levesque).  The lesser opinion, being the one that makes the most sense, at least to me, is that TNA should spend a lot more time building up their own home grown talent, and not always jump on the Ex-WWE Bandwagon.

There have been limited exceptions, where former WWE talent actually improves the TNA product, and their own wrestling career, by "Crossing The Line", and coming to TNA. Christian Cage, Kurt Angle and Team 3D have all been bright spots in TNA.  Overall though, it's been a momentary distraction, which hasn't really benefited TNA in their quest to become a full fledged national wrestling promotion.  Just look at wrestlers like BG James, Kip (Billy Gunn) James, Scott Steiner, Rhyno and others.  Still the majority of TNA fans whip themselves into a frenzy at the idea of former WWE wrestlers working in the six sided ring.

It's my opinion that this isn't the right mindset for TNA fans, who should be supporting their homegrown TNA talent, like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jay lethal and many others.  While these wrestlers are included in major TNA storylines, they are mostly window dressing for the better known former WWE and WCW wrestlers who are the major players in TNA at the moment.

It appears that TNA Wrestling and it's fans are trying to relive the 1990's, in an attempt to revive a WCW like product, in the hopes of fighting the next battle of the Monday Night War, with WWE.  This isn't a viable option, and if they try to follow the WCW blueprint of loading their roster with former WWE wrestlers, they will fail in the long run.

So if you consider yourself a real TNA Wrestling fan, I'd stop reading WWE.com to look for the monthly releases, hoping to find your golden ticket to nation success.  Instead, look at your X Division, and other promotions like Ring of Honor and others for the Future of Total Non-stop Action.