Washington Redskins...A New Start

ROB YOUNG SRContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

It starts here
It starts hereMitchell Layton/Getty Images

We as fans of the Washington Redskins have had so much to be confused and disappointed about over the last ten years plus. Several coaches from Norv Turner through Jim Zorn have come and gone giving us little to be excited about.

Finally after what amounted to be the start of a revolt by a fan-base  whose loyalty to the franchise is unquestioned. Owner Daniel Snyder appears to have matured and realizes you've got to hire the right kind of people and give them the resources to win.

This new tandem of Bruce Allen & Mike Shanahan bring with them a combination of experience (good & bad) and the drive that comes with being discarded and told you don't have what it takes anymore. These to things bring a certain flavor to this mix that I believe will bring back the one thing this franchise has been missing "PASSION"

Yes in the Gibbs glory years we had a front office and coaching staff that was right at the top. But the other thing that group created was a passion to win, a refusal to lose. Look back at the history of those teams there where many games that this team looked incompetent in the first half only to return to the field after halftime adjustments to dominate.

That was passion for the game a drive to overcome all obstacles at any cost the willingness to sacrifice all for a common goal each other. To a man if you talk to the members of those teams the main theme is always the team.

I am a lifetime Redskin Fan over forty years of the good ,the bad, the ugly with not ever one thought of changing teams. I can still feel the awesome atmosphere of RFK stadium. It wasn't the biggest or the best or the most modern but every Sunday it was the place to be specially during Dallas week.

Hopefully by reaching back into the past in a way and bringing in Bruce Allen the son of the coach who initiated that passion in my opinion. And adding a established winner in Mike Shanahan. Mr Snyder will be able to bring this beloved franchise back to respectability.

The transformation will not happen immediately but it will happen. This season Shanahan will figure out who wants to be here and who wants to win. It is possible that even though they would have preferred to not have any issues the Haynesworth situation will help to forge the kind of foundation that is needed in Washington.

Allen and Shanahan did not walk into a gravy train they have to add to the franchise by subtraction first and then build for the future and I believe there the right to guys to get it done.. they already have the best fanbase in the world... And as George Allen once said "Forty Men Together Can't Lose" Hail to the Redskins....