Why NASCAR is the Most Pathetic Excuse for a Sport I Have Ever Seen.

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

There are two things in my mind that make something a sport.

  • It has to require some kind of athletic ability and
  • It has to require some skill.

Lets see, NFL, check NBA, check MLB, check NHL,check even Soccer for god sakes check. Hmm... NASCAR lets do a little run down of why NASCAR gets the exx,exx.

It requires no skill I could tell a monkey to sit in the car and he could probable beat some of the pathetic rednecks they have on the track.

It requires no athletic ability. Have you taken a look at some of the lads driving in NASCAR and they're never panting when they get out.

NASCAR can't use the same reason us hockey fans use of why Americans don't watch it's because of that we've never watched a race.

F.Y.I. jackasses I have and after three laps I totally lost interest and changed the channel.

As well sooner or later the American government is going to open their god damn eyes and illegalize NASCAR because it's an environmental hazard, a waste of gasoline, and a health hazard to anyone in the building.

My final point how much freaking entertainment can you honestly get from a bunch of idiotic hillbillies turning left for four hours who have nothing better to do than pollute the ozone layer.

So in conclusion you now know why NASCAR is not a real sport and hopefully this article has been a source of sober second thought to some NASCAR fans who have realised the error of their ways.