Coming Of Age: A WWE Fanboy's Path To The IWC's Clutches

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2010

We all are young in a point in our life, when things were simple and life was all about you.

The only drama was little Katie kissing little Johnny in Kindergarten, the only pain we felt was when we bruised ourselves outside in the playpen, and well, the world revolved around us!

Things didn’t get so complex and frustrating, and if it did it was only something so minor. Problems weren’t drawn out; they were relatively easy to figure out.

We had the dream to achieve to go beyond ALL possibilities. We were hurt easily, but with encouragement from our mothers, we got back up.

It was all good back then…. And sometimes you cry for those days to come back. I know as sure as hell I do. 

A little boy, by the name of Jamal Kiari Parker II enjoyed the times at his grandmother’s house. But during the night hours, Uncle would come to visit and turn on the television and Monday Night RAW was on.

So guess who was right beside him? Jamal. And he was there almost every night trying to catch a glimpse of his only idol, the most electrifying sports entertainer in the history of pro wrestling, the Rock.

He was obsessed with the Rock’s nature and charisma, from his entrance to his microphone work and yes, his wrestling. 



And he’d be damn sure that 110 percent of the time he knew what Rocky was cooking. He idolized the Rock so much that he hardly paid any attention to the other wrestlers, and to be honest he wasn’t a Stone Cold fanatic either.

The Rock was the whole reason he was sucked into wrestling. His uncle was telling him facts about wrestlers when they came out and whenever a Diva risqué-type of skit was done, Jamal had to exit the room for that segment (he was missing out!).

But nether less he was still a wrestling fan. He had to collect the toys of wrestlers such as Triple H and of course the Rock, and get video games.

He even had a pair of sunglasses he used to wear and take them off in a similar fashion as the Rock. All of his family members called him “Little Rocky.”

He would go down the hallways and act like he was entering an arena full of people, mimicking the great one and taking off his glasses about to lay the Smackdown on somebody.

Jamal had a deep passion for wrestling back then and overall the Rock, and then well then, they each parted ways….


                                                            Eight years later…

Me, in my state as a pre-teenager (12 years of age) forgot the art of pro wrestling. After I turned six my relationship with the WWE was over, something I coined as “used to watch.”

That is until I stumbled onto a WWE SMACKDOWN! Show on television, in which the Undertaker and Edge were feuding. I and his brother watched and were amazed.

There was a feeling that was not felt until 8 years prior. Edge was his name, at the time Edge was married to Vickie Guerrero. I watched and saw the devious tactics of Edge, and when the time came he saw the Phenom himself the Undertaker.

Why didn’t I see the Undertaker eight years ago when I was small and watching RAW? I probably forgot.

But the dark, mysterious presence of THE UNDERTAKER took my bro and I by surprise. It was so unrealistic, but the gimmick was so taunting and seemingly dangerous.

During the broadcast they showed the Undertaker taking out many opponents with his submission Hell’s Gate. It was very graphic and startling, but this was the Undertaker and it was meant to be graphic and overall startling.

One image was the Undertaker using Hell’s Gate on Viscera and he was coughing out blood. That put myself into the realization that the Undertaker, The Phenom is someone who doesn’t play at all.

In fact, as awkward as it seems, that very day I grew immediate respect for a pro wrestler other than the Rock during that point in his life. And it lasts to this day. 

Though during that point I wasn’t fully back into wrestling I only watched Smackdown when I felt like it, it was never faithfully and many times he would switch to watch something on Cartoon Network. And slowly but surely, I drifted away from Wrestling again.

Wrestling and I didn't connect at that time period. I was amazed, but there wasn't anything that made me "switch" the light back on. It was for me, a process that took time and maybe another fellow fan to bring me back to the state of a pro wrestling fan.


                                                            November 2009

In November 2009, I visited cousin Christopher. And Chris was a huge wrestling fan. During my visit, Chris would talk about wrestling endlessly and finally I watched my first WWE Monday Night RAW in about six years.

Many faces were mostly unrecognized. John Cena, Randy Orton, MVP, Evan Bourne, and many more.

I just sat back and observed, and through my cousin I kind of got what the feeling of watching pro wrestling was like again. So next week I watched the Thanksgiving Edition of Monday Night RAW.

And you know what? I got that full feeling again, Jesse Ventura was the guest host and Randy Orton was a fully fledged heel at the time.

At home watching I thought Randy Orton was crazy and cheated out Evan Bourne in a qualification match for the Battle Royal later that night, and also reacted fully with excitement when Kofi Kingston eliminated Randy later in the Battle Royal.

Sheamus won the battle royal and was No. 1 contender to John Cena’s WWE Title.

I didn’t know who Cena was, but his character was a proud one at that. The night ended, Cena was put through a table by Sheamus and that was that. I became a WWE Fan again.

I was amazed, delighted and was full emotion the whole night. It meant something to me, I wanted to tune in the next week, and in a matter of fact I couldn’t wait until the next week.

And so you bet the next week I watched, and the week after that, until it became a “thing” for me. My family noticed the change as well, because instead of turning on Everybody Hates Chris at nine o’clock sharp, I would watch RAW from the starting point.

Heck I would even catch the last 25 minutes of NCIS just to get the anticipation of waiting for RAW to come on.

There was one more major step though, in my journey into becoming a newly baptized WWE Fan. I had a computer and sooner or later I became part of the IWC, also known as….


                                    THE INTERNET WRESTLING COMMUNITY

And thus I was reborn, as a wrestling fan. Or so I thought. As of that day I wanted to know everything there was to pro wrestling.

The history, the matches, everything I lost and forgotten in the early years of my life. I wanted to share my opinions aloud and talk with fellow wrestling fans, and I turned to the Internet.

It was a choice I made and I’ll never forget. I learned the hard way the IWC is a hard, cold place to be a part of. Don’t believe me? Go to the WWE Facebook Page, any Youtube wrestling video, comment on how you like Cena, you’ll get bashed endlessly; get into an argument with someone, they’ll call you a whiny little kid.

The IWC assumes everything, anything and nonsense such as a kid saying John Cena is his favorite wrestler will not be accepted. I’ve seen it everywhere, Youtube, WWE forums, Chat boxes in streams, and I’ve even seen it on B/R a couple of times.  

To us, the little ones don’t matter, they should all be f***** up or something along those lines. And really the IWC is ruining pro wrestling's foundation. 

Pro Wrestling needs the future, they need a generation of followers that will remain loyal until the next generation after that carries forth. 

It's a cycle; my uncle grew up during the golden era. Hulk Hogan and such, his mom (my grandmother) took him and my dad to shows and live events. They idolized wrestlers such as The Road Warriors and cheered them on. And thanks to that very foundation set in my family early on I was instantly hooked on pro wrestling. 

It doesn't have to be a family thing, but the fact that there are young viewers of the pro wrestling product is not a bad thing. But from a business standpoint it's a great thing.

The IWC is a place we are all a part of. And I try my best to at least make it a better place for younger ones and the other fans out there. Threats, Arguments, will come and go by, but do your best to expand and increase your knowledge.

I've only been in the Community for not even a year, but through countless videos, watching matches from the past, knowing my facts and wrestlers, being a part of the IWC isn't all bad. The experience is great.

I've learned so much from my fellow writers here on B/R and continue to gain knowledge and share opinions here on Youtube, Bleacher Report and other websites.

Yes it is sometimes disheartening to be a pro wrestling fan because of the IWC community itself. We bicker, argue over pointless stuff and to outsiders we look like complete fools.

Whenever I’m on Youtube and my bro sees me watching a clip and there are all these negative comments with people throwing insults at each other he’s like “what’s the big deal?”

And they won’t understand, some people have to defend their cases against others, because according to the IWC everyone’s opinion is wrong. And the arguments won’t be settled until someone like the WWE Facebook ADMINISTRATOR steps in and blocks someone. And it happens almost every single day.

For me that’s what it’s all about. In late November last year WWE had struck home in my heart again, and they have a loyal fan until he dies. The IWC had me captivated, interested and searching for more.

Spoilers were everywhere, news, and sooner or later I found Bleacher Report itself. I continue to grow and expand my knowledge on the business itself and write every now and then, it’s been a long way since I was four years old, and I’m only 14!

But in the end it’s all about coming of age…….

All right Guys! That wraps up the article! What were your thoughts on it? Did you like it? Not like it? Feel free to leave any suggestions, feedback and comments! And if you really enjoy my articles, please do become a fan!

*NOTE: I for one would like to thank the B/R Pro Wrestling Community for supporting me in all my tasks, whether it’s writing an article for the site or even my school work at school! I really appreciate it guys, and this is one heck of a community!

In a matter of fact, speaking of community the Wrestling Section is steadily growing and that’s good! Were about to reach 3,000 members soon, and there’s 1 million members of the WWE Universe on Facebook who would love it here! Spread the Word! Peace Out -JKP



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