Floyd Mayweather Can Beat Up Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris, But Not These Females

Brian Ethridge@BriEthridgeCorrespondent IIISeptember 11, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Can Beat Up Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris, But Not These Females

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be too scared to ever face Manny Pacquiao in a boxing ring, but when it comes to fighting his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, Money May knows no fear. The 33-year-old boxer briefly spent some time behind bars on Friday, September 10th after he allegedly beat up the mother of his three kids and stole her cell phone.

    The Pretty Boy has apparently decided he’d rather play it safe and beat up females instead of facing fighters like Pacquiao who are actually capable of defending themselves. With that said, here are five females who could hold their own against Mayweather and potentially put the first mark in his loss column.


Cristiane Santos

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    First of all there's no way in a million years that Mayweather would ever accept a fight against Cyborg. He’s smarter than he looks and he’s undefeated for a reason; he avoids any real threats! Santos is the most dominant female fighter the world has ever seen, and she would turn Money May into a bloody mess.

    This fight would only end one of two ways: Either Mayweather would get knocked out in the first five rounds, or he would quit on his stool while crying like a newborn baby.

Gina Carano

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    Gina Carano would undoubtedly put up a great fight against Mayweather. They are similar in size and the MMA babe isn’t scared to get in a slugfest. Obviously Floyd would play it safe and try his best to avoid trading punches with a fighter who poses a threat to his unblemished record, but maybe her good looks would throw him off his game and for once in his career he’d accidentally accept a fight against a real threat.

    If the fight were to happen Gina would win hands down. She’s younger, more determined, and she would force the Pretty Boy into a brawl.


Laila Ali

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    Muhammad Ali’s daughter has been retired since 2007 and is likely out of shape, but it wouldn't matter one bit. Laila is naturally bigger than Mayweather and fighting is in her blood.

    She would float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and knockout the Pretty Boy in three.

Courtney Love

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    Let me start out by stating the obvious: If Floyd Mayweather demands random drug testing, this fight will never take place. However, in many ways Courtney Love can be compared to Mike Tyson in the 90’s. She may not have the ability to fight, but have you seen a picture of her recently? She looks so intimidating the fight would be over before it even began.

    If Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao, he would have a puddle of urine in his corner before this crazy chick even stepped foot in the ring.

Martha Stewart

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    From the slammer to the sweet science Martha Stewart is 100 percent bad ass in anything she decides to do. She knows what it’s like to be on top of the world and she knows what it’s like to have lost it all. She would be determined to make Mayweather look like a fool or at least die trying.

    She would come to the ring in bedazzled gloves surrounded by her posse of female ex-cons looking for blood. On the outside she may appear to be an old lady who loves to bake cookies, but on the inside she’s a cold-blooded killer.

    Mean Martha would send Money May straight to the hospital.