Mark Richt Is Doomed

Colin Contributor ISeptember 12, 2010

No A.J. Green, but it would not have mattered when your defense can't stop a true freshman running back from pounding it down your throat for 182 yards.  Don't get me wrong Marcus Lattimore is a great back, but still.. 

Mark Richt must have had a great idea at halftime, "Let's burn all our time outs in the third qtr." 

That really worked out well when Spurrier burned 5 minutes off the clock from inside the 20 yard line to clinch the game with a field goal.   

Richt's all time low 6 points against SC was a rather pitiful performance, and some said Georgia easily had the best offensive line in the SEC East.

Spurrier took a shot at Goergia's defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, a long-time NFL assistant.  "When you have a back like Marcus and the linemen opened cracks, I'm sure that Georgia defensive coordinator became frustrated," Spurrier said. "That little inside zone play, the NFL doesn't run that play. That's a new scheme, I guess. "I'm sure they knew we'd run it, but they certainly didn't stop it much."

In other words: Georgia got bitch-slapped by a true freshman, in only the second game of the year. 

“We had a high tempo. They were just standing around, looking around,” Lattimore said. “We were just running the ball, running right up the gut. They didn’t know what to do.”



I know SC probably has a little bit better defense than Arkansas, but I don't see Georgia outscoring Arkansas this time around.  No A.J. Green, an absent running game, and no veteran QB spells doom for Georgia again this week. 

Before people start making excuses, let's be reminded that this was the year that Richt would resurrect his team, and beat "rebuilding" Florida.  Well, it's not happening.  And to think one pre-season poll had Georgia ranked #3.  

Mark Richt has been a dead duck for over 2 years now.  Ever since Alabama went to Athens and put that beatdown on Mark Richt's blackout party, well he just hasn't been the same ever since.  It's like that great coach inside him died that day, and the blackout party was a funeral for his coaching career.

And there was that time when he beat Urban Meyer's Florida team, and on Georgia's first touchdown the whole team went out to celebrate on the field like they had just won the national championship.  You call that class? 

"Oh, but Mark Richt is such a nice guy."  Maybe so, but does that make up for his team's moronic acts on and off the field.  And does that make up for the 275 players arrested over the last 3 years. 

Yes, I am suggesting Richt pack his bags now.  Go ahead and call 3 men and a truck.  It's over.  The man may be nice, and classy(if you say so).  Whatever, he cannot coach in this league anymore.

As I have stressed before, the bar has been raised to all time highs by the likes of Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.  And Mark Richt's most powerful supporter Damon Evans is not there anymore.  He got ran off with some ho's panties between his legs. 

Mark Richt needs to do what Tubby Smith did and find himself another job by season's end, maybe that will save him the shame of being fired.  The ACC, what is now called the SAC might just be a good fit for him.

Richt's coaching job on Saturday may have just been his worst ever.  So tell me how things are going in the right direction at Georgia now.