Ready For Some Tebow? 5 Ways Tim Tebow Effects The Game Against Jaguars

D. WebbCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

DENVER - AUGUST 29:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos hands the ball off to running back Lance Ball #35 against the Pittsburgh Steelers during preseason NFL action at INVESCO Field at Mile High on August 29, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Are You ready for some Tebow?

Tim's arrival this morning in Jacksonville is the most herolded return any where since MacCarther returned to Manilla!

Many people have speculated on whether or not tim Tebow get's in the game infront of what ammounts to an unprecidented home crowd on a opponants field! There have been some triumphant entries and legendary 'returns home' but the fanaticism and drama behind this one might just top them all before it is done.

There a few ways I feel that tim Tebow will effect this game but here are my top 4.

Atmosphere and Fanaticism:

Just the lead up and anticipation for this game has given the Jaguars their first sell out for an opening game in years. the seats and the seams will be bursting. One must also take into effect the fever pitch the arena will be in. as I mentioned before, A Majority of the stadium will be cheering for Tebow and much or more than the Jaguars.

Untill Tebow plays in a major championship title game for the Broncos, it just won't get bigger in hype, hoopla and pressure than this game for him. If he can perform there, he can perform anywhere. And if Tebow never steps on the field he has affected the game entirely by this and reason 2 alone.

Game Planning and Preparation.

Everybody knows what Orton brings to the huddle and the line of scrimmage and teams learned quickly last year how to shut it down.

Tim Tebow brings a whole different skill set to the game. His athleticism, arm strength, and mobility create a whole different cunundrum for Defensive Coordinators. Tebow's talent and brains will force teams like Jacksonville play the game honest and cover the whole field.

Even the possibility of Tebow getting on the field has forced Jack Del Rio to spend significant time planning for the possibility and all that could mean. When Asked about Tebow playing Del Rio said "if he does we will be ready for him" I'm not sure anybody will be ready for him but his bravado clearly shows that Tebow is not only in the hearts of Jacksonville fans, he's in the Jaguars heads.

Tebow Plays in the Game.

The minute the Hero of Jacksonville (no not Garrard or MJD) steps on the field, the game changes. The crowd, the TV viewers, even the teams on both sides change. The versatility of Tebow opens the Playbook and the offense wide. Tebow is a threat to run, move in the pocket and throw the big strike even on the run.

Defenses automatically must cover all 60 by 100 yards. Linebackers must stay spying on Tebow and Corners and Safeties must cover the whole field and for longer than they would should Orton be in the game.

Step on the Jaguars Neck:

The way you beat the Jaguars is strike fast and often. The way to silence and subdue the strong Jaguars Running game is get up on them early and make them throw to get points to keep up. That makes them play right into out biggest defensive strength our smothering Secondary; Pass defense.

Tebow's short Yardage and Red zone packages and abilities will help the Broncos offense sustain drives and score Touchdowns and not Field Goals. the affore mentioned game plan for the Jaguars Defense had to take time from refining what they would have done to stop Orton possiblly giving Orton more working room as well.

Look for the Broncos offense to Step on the Jaguars neck and twist the cleats; Keep them behind in the game and off balance.

Now heres the question:

How does Tim Tebow score his first touchdown? Is it running, Passing? Who does he throw it too? I'd love to hear how Fans and Haters think it will happen?

My Prediction is as follows: Tim under center drops back and fakes a end around to Brandon Lloyd, and rolling out throws a long ball to the New Broncos stud Demaryius Thomas aka Bay Bay!

What is yours? Comment and let me know!