Randy Moss Brings Sour Grapes to Postgame Buffet After New England Patriots Win

Benjamin AltsherContributor ISeptember 12, 2010

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Randy Moss #81 of the New England Patriots looks on before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals during the NFL season opener on September 12, 2010 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

There were plenty of smiles to be found around Foxboro after the Patriots' 38-24 victory over the Bengals Sunday afternoon.

A young defense made some great plays, Tom Brady looked like an MVP, and New England dominated the game from beginning to end.

Pats wide receiver Randy Moss was the only damp note on what was an otherwise sunny day.

As you'll see in the video, Moss attempted to clarify statements he had made earlier in the week regarding his contract status. He felt that his words were taken out of context when he stated that he was "unhappy" and wished to get any statements out of the way now as opposed to later in the season.

As valiant a notion as that might be, all Moss did was to shine the spotlight directly on himself in the wake of a true team win. The veteran also said this will probably be his last season with New England.

The mild outburst seemed to blindside most of the media members present. After all, Moss' initial statement regarding his contract didn't seem all that exciting. Most figured it was simply his way of saying that he would like an extension and that perhaps he wouldn't necessarily like to go into the offseason as a free agent, especially with the bargaining agreement in such a tenuous position.

Apparently, Moss took offense to that implication, which sparked his postgame rant. In his defense, Moss said the last thing he wanted to do was take away from the team's accomplishments today, yet he did exactly that by insisting on talking about his status and his feelings.

He said like any person in any job, he likes to be told that he's doing good work. While he didn't directly say the Patriots haven't praised his achievements and abilities, he kept mentioning how he enjoys being complimented. 

It seems as though Moss still has his contract status at heart though. When he says he wants to be told he's doing well, that means he wants to hear from the team that they'd like to keep him. Apparently the Pats haven't even had preliminary talks about keeping Moss.

While he sees this as an offense, it shouldn't really come as a surprise.

First, New England doesn't want to commit itself to too many big contracts moving forward, especially because there may not even be football next year. Second, while Moss is a big piece of the team, the Patriots have far more pressing contracts to address in that of Tom Brady (since resolved) and Logan Mankins.

Third, Moss has a troubling history of putting up poor numbers in a contract season. If he does so again, it could be a sign that his age is finally catching up to him.

It's totally understandable that Moss would be unhappy with his current situation. He's already proven a lot in his career yet in is the position to have to put up stunning numbers again in order to get another paycheck. In certain situations, his feelings are warranted.

He simply picked the wrong time to voice his opinion. When all the talk around the Pats was positive, Moss brought all the attention away from the team's success and onto his discontent.