WWE Night Of Champions: What Will, What Won't and What Needs To Happen

Andrew T.Contributor ISeptember 12, 2010

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This is my first Pay Per View preview article so bear with me for a minute. I think this has the potential, if done right, to be a fantastic pay per view. it also has the danger of being a terrible card. While many pay per views have lacked this all year, I believe this brings much intrigue and has much built up excitement. So, without further ado, I shall give you the pleasure of sharing my predictions with you.


Women's championship:

What needs to happen: Layla needs to compete, I feel like she has improved dramatically. This does not need to be a handicap, or triple threat or anything like that, a good one on one match.

What will happen: Melina will win, she just won and I feel like she will have a lengthy title reign, at least until Beth Phoenix comes back. Or, she could feud with Tamina, Natty Neidhart, Mccool, someone of that sort.

What Won't Happen: Laycool will not break up. I feel like WWE management is under the impression that these are the perfect diva heels for young children. Before the heels made out with each other, blackmailed, whored themselves out to the men (ex. Lita, Melina) and were plain dirty (Torrie Wilson, Sable, Dawn Marie)


Intercontinental Championship:

What Needs To Happen:  Dolph needs to win, cleanly. He can't become a Sheamus, meaning he can't constantly DQ or things like that. I feel like if Dolph retained and had a nice reign until say No Way Out then lost it to someone (Kaval perhaps?) that could set up a fantastic Wrestlemania match

What Will Happen: Dolph will walk away with the title, by DQ, countout, or from Vickie. I feel like this Vickie Dolph relationship will be short-lived and may end on Sunday.

What Won't Happen: As I stated before I don't think Kofi will win, he's had three reigns with this and either one or two with the U.S. and one tag team. A world championship is not far off.


U.S. Championship


What Needs to happen:   The Miz has to lose this strap from his waist, he's using money in the bank to build himself up more and the U.S. championship has become a waste. I think Daniel Bryan should win, and this should be a good match (With Bryan carrying The Mzi most of the time)


What WON'T Happen: Regardless of what happens in the 6/5 pack challenge I don't think The Miz will cash in at NOC. I also don't see him losing the cash in either, just a little side note.




ne needs to retain... cleanly. I feel like this will do so much for him as a credible champion. If he can make the Undertaker look weak. I don't want Kane getting Dq'ed. The only way I think Kane could get disqualified is if Paul Bearer showed up. I think that would blow the roof off the place.


What Will Happen: Kane will retain although I'm not sure cleanly  He is doing great promos. Expect something unexpected after the match, a casket, Paul Bearer... etc.

What Won't Happen: This isn't going to be Angle vs. Benoit. expect 8-11 minutes from these guys, lots of finishing moves, and not many counters.This will be a decent match with some surprise at the end but expect Kane to win.


WWE Championship


Sheamus definitely should retain. I would love that. Seriously that would do wonders for his career. Although I don't see this happening... This would be cool... Sheamus is down and out outside and Edge gets ready to launch himself over the ropes at Sheamus. Sheamus counters him through the announce table, edge, who was slumped on the barricade intends to spear him but sheamus pump kicks him. He goes in the ring, and orton tries to rko, he counters by pushing him and orton comes over the ropes with a pump kick to the face. cena tries an attitude adjustment, sheamus counters with his irish curse and wins


What will Happen: I actually think Sheamus may retain. this is my order of probability for winning

1: Sheamus

2: Barrett

3: Orton

4: Cena

5: Edge.

Edge has no business winning. And the only time a title goes from heel to heel is in multiple person matches. Or Barrett may win, I wouldn't mind that.

What Won't Happen: Edge won't win, neither I believe will Cena. While it's a possibility, I don't think The Miz will cash in. And I don't think a 6th person will be added. the only good option is Triple H and hes still in recovery (as far as we know) You may be wondering: What about John Morrison?


My wildcard... For the tag team match imagine this... Jericho and Morrison... I know Jericho will be gone but think about it! Jericho and Morrison winning the titles, John Morrison turning heel, then Jericho turns face and Morrison beats him at Wrestlemania, well we can dream right?


By the way guys these are my personal predictions, I have no spoilers nor am I stupid. Please do not lambast me, I  appreciate comments and opinions, but be nice :)