Charged Up: Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders Losses Foreshadow a Weak AFC West

Eric GomezAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2010

Zach Miller will remain one of the Raiders few bright spots in 2010.
Zach Miller will remain one of the Raiders few bright spots in 2010.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I'd like to foreshadow something by thanking the four people out there on the interwebs that will remember the name of this column, click on it, and then be severely disappointed by the lack of JaMarcus Russell jokes contained within it.

Seriously though, how great was this Sunday for Charger fans all over San Diego County?

Denver got wet and wild with the punchless Jaguars, who were still able to run all over them in crucial situations, even going so far as to having success by rushing it up the middle! (Hi there, Jamal Williams).

The Broncos showed the nation what everyone expected them to do well: run the ball effectively and play the short to mid-passing game—they also showed what everyone expected them to struggle with: pressure up front on defense, not being able to stop the run, and having a coach that looks twelve years old.

Still, to be fair to the Carrot Top Horses, they look like a nine-win team who could get by and make life difficult for many teams on their schedule.

I still have no idea what they're doing with Tim Tebow—the idea of using him solely as a Wildcat guy with players like Knowshon Moreno and Eddie Royal at their disposal screams of "Hey, we threw millions of dollars at this guy, might as well get him in there for a few plays, yeah? Oh, another gain of one? Awesome."

Meanwhile, Oakland looks great, am I right?

We're still at least three or four weeks away from Raider Fan Denial Stage Two (using the moronic, non-sequitur phrase "Got Rings?" as a response to anyone ripping their team for another losing season), as the Silver and Black's next two games are against powerhouses St. Louis and Arizona, both of which looked equally bad as they faced each other in the dome today.

Until then, we're still stuck with the equally hilarious Raider Fan Denial Stage One, ("We're totally going to own San Diego and win the division this year!"), which usually runs from March to mid-September.

Unfortunately, Raider Fan Denial Stage Three has now been erased with the release of JaMarcus Russell. ("JaMarcus is a great QB. If only he had some protection, about seven receivers on the field at all times, and some talent - he'd be okay"). And there's your joke, people.

Tomorrow, it'll be fun to see which Kansas City team we get to face: the 2008 version, which pushed San Diego to the limit on both occasions before ultimately bowing out with losses by less than a field goal each time—or the 2009 version, which was lit up by a combined differential of 59 points in both contests when all was said and done.

Either way, Monday night will yield one AFC West with a perfect 1-0 record and three others that will start off 0-1. It will sum up the division as we know it: a once proud group of teams that are now mostly (except maybe for the Chargers themselves) plagued with questions about how good they can really be.

You know, except for the Raiders. We know how good they can really be. Just break even, baby!