What The Packers Have Lost: Brett Favre The Legend

Diondray PremoContributor IAugust 10, 2008

I was watching a highlight video today on youtube.com and it was a tribute to Brett Favre.  While I was sitting there watching this 9 minute video I went through all the emotions in 9 minutes that Brett Favre has gone through in 16 years as a Green Bay Packer.  I was Laughing, smiling, and even crying all the while thinking in my head, "How can the Packers have ever let this guy go?"

He has went through the best of times and the worst of times with the Packers.  He could have easily asked for a trade because they weren't paying him good enough or his team wasn't good enough at many times in his career, but he never did.  He has always stuck with the Packers until this year, and that's only because he has been forced out.  I wish I could tell Mark Murphy or Ted Thompson that they don't have the right to trade him and if Favre wants to play then let him play.  He has done way more for Green Bay than they will ever accomplish for the city and team.

As I was saying before Favre and the Packers have been through everything.  He made it through an addiction to vikiden and drinking before the day of a football game.  He went to 2 super bowls in back to back years and came away with 1 ring.  He was a 3 time MVP of the national football league.  He had to go through the death of his father and played the very next day against the Raiders and had arguably the greatest game of his life.  The whole nation was on his side.  He also went through the death of his brother-in-law and his wife Deanna getting breast cancer.  All the while he was shattering every important passing record set by some of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.  Yes, he broke the record for interceptions, but so what that's how Brett Favre plays the game and that's the only way I would have wanted to watch him play the game.

While watching this video I had so many thoughts running through my head, but the biggest one was how big of a competitor this guy was and how much tenacity he had.  But at the same time he seemed to have fun the whole time.  I was seeing him fight with guys on the defense like Chris Hovan, Robert Porcher, and of course Warren Sapp.  I couldn't help but be shocked when I heard Mike Ditka talking about him during a game and he was saying "that guy is amazing out there you can't do anything about that, that guy is amazing."  Even Randy Moss when he played for the Vikings got off the bench and said " I gotta watch this, this Brett Favre out here, this Brett Favre."  He is one of the most respected players in all of football and if you don't like this guy you don't have heart beat.

The Packers traded away a champion.  They let down a whole Green Bay nation.  Being from Wisconsin I know how it feels to watch Brett practicing and playing for another team.  Its like losing a family member,  you can't believe he is actually gone and all you want is for him to come back.  So good job Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy, you two aren't very popular in the state of Wisconsin.  Its a bad idea to upset the people who are the owners the packers and who have spent 16 years of their life in love with Brett Favre.