Ines Sainz: Guilty Of Being Hot While Reporting On a Story About Mark Sanchez

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2010

Are you folks offended by this?
Are you folks offended by this?

Why is it every time a beautiful lady gets harassed by professional athletes there is always mumbling by some folks that somehow she dressed too sexy, I guess suggesting she was asking for it?

Are you kidding me! Were this people raised by wolves?

I’m not just talking about bloggers but also mainstream media commentators, Michael Smerconish, who is a well known political commentator on MSNBC, made an award-winning comment yesterday morning on said station, he said: "...and obviously she wants you to look in that direction or she would not dress like that…"(She was wearing tight jeans) You think? Are you kidding? Where does MSNBC find this people, do they pay him to make that machista commentary?

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he followed it up with another Emmy winner, Smerconish said, "...She said -I died of embarrassment- , really , put on more clothes…" wow, very insightful comment.
Sir, lets make a deal, don’t look and just let the rest of us enjoy Gods work.

Do you agree ?

Let me just say there is no law against being a good looking sports reporter, there is no law against wearing tight blue jeans, there is no broadcasting rule dictating all female sports reporters have to look , smell, walk, talk and act like a man.

Is there? Please tell me if there is, maybe I’m wrong and Ms. Ines Sainz was violating the "looking hot while reporting rule"

Just saying.

Here is a bio on Ms. Sainz I found on a women’s sports blog called RIGHTFIELDERS:
"…32 year old Ines Sainz Gallo was born in Queretaro, Santiago Queretaro in the beautiful country of Mexico. Her father was a lawyer (he died a few years ago due to heart and respiratory failure) and her mother stayed home to take care of Ines and her two brothers.

She went to an elementary school run by nuns (Asuncion) and her high school was at St. Javier, after her graduation she studied Law at the University of Mexico and got her Masters degree from the University of Queretaro (these days she also has a degree in business and business in soccer), who would think that a law student would actually get involved in sports, but you see Ines is a great swimmer a powerful volleyball and basketball player.."

Ms. Sainz is not a bimbo folks, this is a well-educated woman taking care of a husband (lucky guy) and three kids, bringing home some bacon and probably cooking it. Apparently some men can’t live with that.

Ines Sainz fame is exactly that, she is a smart good looking reporter who likes to dress and promote her image, again there is no crime there, she would look hot in a burlap sack or a nuns habit.

There is no shame in that and there is no reason for grown millionaires to act like little boys around beautiful ladies, my God they should at least pretend they’ve seen one before. Just saying!

Come on Speed channel, hire Ines Sainz for next year's racing season, she would be great in the F1 pits or even in NASCAR.

We can all agree on that !

As always this is a fan's opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.