San Diego Chargers: We're Not in Kansas City Anymore!

Dave HoganContributor IISeptember 14, 2010

Even Terrible Towels would have come in handy last night
Even Terrible Towels would have come in handy last nightJamie Squire/Getty Images

Vincent Jackson is still wielding influence with the San Diego Chargers during his summer of discontent.

Jackson was detained by the gendarmes of sound and code enforcement on a Sunday morning sidewalk before the playoff debacle against the Jets in January.  After this incident, the Chargers cannot replicate Jet Engine or any noise for that matter, in Murphy Canyon.

The Bolts were ill-prepared for Jefe Palooza in KC. Come on Mayor Sanders: You can't get a stadium built—at least let the Chargers take some noisy snaps in practice. Please grant a waiver so the team can prepare!

Maybe instead of Norv Turner subjecting the rookies to boot camp and drill instructors, they could have practiced punt coverage?  Maybe Nick Hardwick and Phillip Rivers could have gone with them to Miramar and practiced in the entrails of an F-18? Maybe Mike Scifres could practice directional kicking when the punt returns(besides one defensive breakdown on a run play), were all the Chiefs had?

The Chargers looked like a college team after a long layoff in December, in a college atmosphere in KC, ill prepared for the noise.  Too many penalties.

Wet, 10-pound bowling balls do not lend themselves to pretty passing performance's sans or with Vincent Jackson, yet Rivers still threw for nearly 300 yards and two TDs.  Rivers accuracy was perfect.  Fallen receivers on many plays resulted in many of the incomplete passes.

Had Hardwick and Rivers clicked, they would have had the Chiefs on their heels. Every false start and timeout gave the defense rest, and Romeo Crennel time to adjust coverage. There were no voids in Crennel's schemes on Antonio Gates. The Chargers might have felt better if they slept another night in KC? Since it was a late start on MNF, Norv decided to leave a day later than usual.

Had Phillip Rivers pulled it out again, it would have been winning ugly. However, could it have been a good loss?

A near playoff atmosphere in Game 1 shows that (in least in divisional games), the Chargers are a big target.  If the Chargers actually have to contest for the division crown, early and often this year, maybe they will be prepared for the playoffs.

In any event, it is way too early to tell much about this team, but for a few brief observations.  Rookie Ryan Mathews looked good, despite the one costly fumble.  The O-line protected well and ran block effectively.  The defense, especially on pass coverage, was excellent.