Kansas City Chiefs Rebuilding Plan Is Making Progress Already

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2010

Haley hugging McCluster after punt return touchdown
Haley hugging McCluster after punt return touchdownJamie Squire/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs have shocked the football community and are now 2-0 to start the season.

I say "wow" even though I saw this coming to some degree when you factor in the progress the Kansas City Chiefs organization has made so far.

Scott Pioli, the general manager of the Chiefs, was a incredible pickup for them last year. He had come from the New England Patriots and had been very successful in helping them draft players, winning three Super Bowls in four years while having an 18-1 season that lead to a Super Bowl appearance.

So, when I heard that news, I knew hardcore Chiefs fans had to be excited because this guy was someone who knows what to do to get the job done, and he can turn this franchise around.

Well, they are climbing that mountain and haven't slipped so far. The addition of Matt Cassel as a quarterback gave them someone that you can honestly say is a guy that has potential to be really good.

Herman Edwards was fired and the aggressive offensive coordinator for the Cardinals, Todd Haley was brought in. Since I'm a Cowboys fan, I can personally vouch for Haley because he was our assistant coach as well under Bill Parcells, and that man is in the company of Tony Sparano, Sean Payton, Bill Belichick, and more when it comes to coaches that have studied under Parcells.

I see Haley and I see a confident, young coach who can probably be a friend to players yet at the same time, show that he's the guy in charge because he knows his stuff.

The accumulation of players throught drafting, trading, and free agency has been productive. They traded a second round draft pick for veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel, mentioned earlier.

They drafted Tyson Jackson, a decent defensive end in 2009 to pair with Glenn Dorsey, a defensive tackle drafted fifth overall in 2007. So, the defensive line is young and just needs good coaching, which it has gotten.

However, this rookie class is amazing.

With the fifth overall pick, the Chiefs selected the best defensive back in the draft out of Tennessee named Eric Berry.

With him at safety, they can have a great ball hawk if he lives up to his potential. He is such a smooth runner, and has tremendous speed, and so far has had plenty of tackles in two games. 13 to be exact.

The two second round picks, Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster, are amazing return men on special teams with McCluster scoring a 94-yard return last week against the Chargers.

McCluster was a running back at Ole Miss, but the Chiefs are going to convert him to a wide receiver to make up for the fact that Chris Chambers is in his 30's.

Arenas was a cornerback at the University of Alabama and won the National Championship with them. He is a guy that is an amazing athlete and normally would have been a first round pick in any other draft, but he came out of college early.

Jon Asamoah is a very good prospect from the third round. He's a tough guard out of Illinois, and with some coaching, he may start eventually, and the other third round pick is tight end, Tony Moeaki, from Iowa. He scored the first receiving touchdown for the Chiefs against the Chargers as well.

The addition of new coordinators, Charlie Weis for the offense and Romeo Crennel for the defense, take a lot of pressure off of Todd Haley, so he can use his expertise on other things.

For example, last week when the Chiefs were playing the Chargers, the special teams is about to go on the field. Last year, Todd Haley would've been going over charts, passing plays, and other offensive details with Matt Cassel, but because Charlie Weis was in charge of that, he noticed something.

Haley noticed Javier Arenas was tired after two strenuous punt returns. He went to the special teams coordinator and told him to put McCluster in the game for the punt return.

BOOM! That play goes for 94 yards and a touchdown. The game is now 21-7 and it gave the Chiefs confidence to finish the game, winning 21-14.

This last game, they showed that they can win in a variety of ways. Nothing frustrates an opposing team more when they commit a turnover.

Well, nothing frustrates a defense more than to realize that they've been shutting down the other offense all day long, but they lost anyway.

Why is that? The Cleveland Browns defense held the Chiefs to nine total points. That's supposed to be a victory, especially when your offense gives you two touchdowns.

14-9 is a win right? Well, it changed when Chiefs cornerback, Brandon Flowers, put his two cents in. He snagged a pass of Seneca Wallace's, the Browns quarterback, and ran 33 yards back for a touchdown.

16-14 and the win for Kansas City, and that is why they are 2-0 and are on top on the AFC West right now.

Now, I don't think this team is going to the Super Bowl this year, but this team is gaining confidence and is growing. I can see them as a contender in the near future.