The Minnesota Vikings, Trade For Randy Moss!

David Westman@@DavidDWestmanContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

Remember These Moments?
Remember These Moments?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Wow!  Wouldn’t that be a historic headline from the NFL?  Indeed, it would…But, this headline isn’t too far from imaginable.  Because, the Minnesota Vikings do need a wide-receiver to replace Sidney Rice and I honestly don’t feel this is Vincent Jackson.  The more mature Randy Moss—the one that actually talks about his feelings, instead of trying to hide them through antics—stated on Sunday, after the Patriots win on Sunday, that he just wants to be appreciated by his team.  Granted, Randy Moss believes that should come in a hefty contract deal.  But, he has been on the record stating that he would like to end his career in Minnesota.

Therefore, I feel that it’s imperative for the Minnesota Vikings organization to pursue Randy Moss.  I mean seriously he doesn’t have a stronger fan base than he does in Minnesota.  Plus, Vincent Jackson has too many character flaws and his egoist personality that doesn’t jive or connect with the players on the Minnesota Vikings franchise.  I mean granted, we have had our fair share of turnarounds with players, it just doesn’t make sense to trade for Vincent Jackson, when we could pickup Randy Moss with the same trade.  It’s a possibility with Randy being unhappy in New England about his contract.

But, I can already hear the critics and naysayers going on about this type of situation and how it doesn’t benefit the Vikings organization if we traded for Vincent Jackson compared to Randy Moss.  So, I’m here to also provide my reasoning for the benefits of trading for Randy Moss compared to Vincent Jackson, for this specific season.

Randy Moss Benefit #1 – Contract Issue
This solves the contract situation for both organizations.  This is because Bernard Berrian was signed by the Vikings in 2008 for a six-year $42 million contract, with $16 million in guarantees.  Well, since the Vikings have always been amazing with Rick Spielman at the helm, Berrian has already received his $16 million in guarantees and will receive $23 million over the first three years of the deal.  It’s already completed.

So, if you compare the remainder of Randy Moss’s contract to Berrians.  You’ll understand that it was a three-year deal worth $27 million, and the deal included guarantees of $15 million, including a $12 million signing bonus.  Well, since both of those qualifications have been fulfilled.  It would be time to trade Bernard Berrian to the Patriots, since he has three years remaining on his contract (with some draft picks) and we can get Randy Moss for another Vikings season that counts like the 1998 season.  We could deem it his rookie year all over again!

Randy Moss Benefit #2 – Eligible to Play for Entire Season
If the Vikings were able to complete the trade by this week, he would be able to play this Sunday against the Dolphins.  Plus, he would be able to play against the Lions as well, before heading into an early bye week to provide more time to learn the system.  But, with Randy Moss on your offense, it consists of exactly how Tom Brady said it. "There's only one Randy Moss that will ever play this game. He's the greatest, probably, downfield receiver in the history of the NFL. Those catches that he makes, where you guys see he runs 65 yards down the field, you throw it and he just runs and catches it. That's impossible to do."

Randy Moss Benefit #3 – Immediate Impact
We all know that Randy Moss would have an immediate impact with the Minnesota Vikings offense, even if we don’t get the ball to him that often.  The threat of Randy Moss on the field would stretch the defense into an insanity mode with Adrian Peterson in the backfield, that it would be amazing just to consider watching such an offense.  This would alleviate stress that would be put on the offensive line if we could only rely on Adrian Peterson, and protect Brett Favre for the season…Speaking of Brett Favre.

Randy Moss Benefit #4 – Brett Favre (How Coincidental…#4 Benefit?)
Do we not remember that when Randy Moss was a free agent in 2007, that Brett Favre begged and pleaded with the Packers organization—especially Ted Thompson—to go after him for his sake.  Favre has stated he has always wanted to play with Randy Moss and would love to be able to do it, after his experience with him in the Pro Bowl.  This would make Favre feel more comfortable in the pocket, as defenses wouldn’t be able to continuously put eight, nine of even sometime ten men in the box, knowing that Peterson is going to get the hand-off of that the offensive line will crumble before Favre gets the ball out.  This would also make Brett extremely happy for being pressured into returning for his 20th NFL season.

Randy Moss Benefit #5 – Wide Receiver Depth Chart
Honestly, has anybody considered what the Vikings depth chart would be with Randy Moss on the roster?  This is because, it would consist of (1) Randy Moss, (2) Sidney Rice, (3) Percy Harvin, (4) Greg Camarillo, and (5) Greg Lewis.  Now, you can easily switch it up, since I have a strong believe that Camarillo is a Wes Welker in the shadows, but just given the right opportunity—maybe with Randy Moss on the field—Camarillo would be that clutch slot receiver like Wes Welker is, because Randy Moss is on the field!  This would be unimaginable for the Vikings to have these guys sitting on the Roster…It would almost be like the return of Cris Carter, Jake Reed and Randy Moss from the 1998 NFC Championship era.

Randy Moss Benefit #6 – Retire in Minnesota
This scenario could seriously happen.  Because, we all know that Randy Moss, Brett Favre, Pat Williams, Jim Kleinsasser, Antoine Winfield, and Bryant Mckinnie (maybe) would all hang-up their helmets at the end of this season, when the Lombardi Trophy is won at Super Bowl XLV!  This would allow Randy Moss a future hall-of-famer to retire in victory and out on top of the game, like so many want to do!

Randy Moss Benefit #7 – Expiring Contracts
If Moss were to come to Minnesota and help win Super Bowl XLV.  This would create an opportunity for the Vikings salary cap to be cleared and provide an opportunity to still be able to sign Adrian Peterson back to a lengthy long-term contract for his entire career to be played in Minnesota.  This would happen, since multiple veterans would be retire after winning the Super Bowl, and would provide an opportunity for all that amazing young talent we saw during the preseason to be activated onto the 53-man roster, and let Joe Webb go through some reconstruction years.  As, the players who have years experience between 5-10 wouldn’t really expect to go back to the Super Bowl, since they already won it.

These are my benefits and reasons why Randy Moss should be traded for by the Minnesota Vikings.  But, what does everyone else think?  Are there other benefits that I have overlooked that people could bring to light?  I believe it’s an amazing possibility, especially with Randy being upset in Boston right now.