What Driver Wins the Championship and What Non-Chase Driver Succeeds the Most?

Misan AkuyaCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2010

Tony Stewart won two championships with Joe Gibbs Racing can he do it with his own team?
Tony Stewart won two championships with Joe Gibbs Racing can he do it with his own team?Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The chase is here 10 races until the champion is decided.  12 guys will be going for the glory but just one will be able to achieve it.  Jimmie Johnson has won it four in a row will be do it for a fifth time? 

Or perhaps we will have a new champion from Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick or Kyle Busch.

Here is my pick:Tony Stewart

Not going on a limb picking the two time champion.  Tony has been on fire for a while now.  In the last 15 races Stewart has scored 1 win, six top fives, and 11 top tens. 

If you want to go deeper in the last 13, 1 win, six top fives, and ten top tens.  He has in these time spans gained more points than any driver with Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards tied for second behind him.

From the first Pocono race to the second Michigan race Smoked had five top fives, and nine top tens.  It is that consistency that will win you the championship.

Unlike last year the momentum is pointing straight up for Stewart and with his team's strength, his talent and his two championships and third one is very likely.

Now for something most fans don't care about:  The best non chaser

Every year there is a non chaser that seems to light it up.  2004 it was Jamie McMurray, in 2005 if was Jeff Gordon, 2006 Tony Stewart, 2007 it was Greg Biffle, In 2008 it was Jamie McMurray, and in 2009 it was Kyle Busch. 


Who will it be this year?

My pick:Jamie McMurray

It is a shame that he won the two biggest races of the season and finished 2nd in the other two yet missed the chase.  Look for this team to build momentum for 2011 and be solidly in the chase.

McMurray will more than likely add to his win total doubling the amount of career wins he had coming into 2010.  He will steal some points from the chase drivers.

These ten races will hopefully be the best we've ever seen.  Enjoy!