Are You Kidding Me WWE? Aloisia Officially Released From The Company.

Ben GartlandAnalyst IISeptember 16, 2010

The King of the Nerds is pissed!

According to, NXT Season 3 rookie Aloisia has been officially released. She confirmed the fact in an interview with

You can find the full episode here.

Originally it was thought that she would only be demoted to FCW, but that is obviously not the case.

So what gives WWE?

Why would you release her? Because she has some "suggestive" pictures on the internet? Because there was some rumors of an escort service?

I took a look at the pictures she had up, and they are not bad at all. You would see worse at a Lady Gaga concert! And besides, one of WWE's main divas Maryse has posed NUDE for Playboy, yet they don't have a problem with that.

So what is the big problem WWE? 

Aloisia has repeatedly denied the rumors that she was linked to an escort service. It could be that she is lying, but if she is, so what!? Without WWE, that's what most of the current divas would be anyways, so what is the big deal?

WWE does not want bad press. The reason they wouldn't care if it was someone like Maryse is because Maryse was not someone you would recognize if she walked down the street before her WWE days. Aloisia, due to her height, is someone you might take a second look at. Since she is a one of a kind woman wrestler, any kind of press she brings will be magnified, which makes the WWE look bad if it gets out.

That is still no reason to fire Aloisia though WWE! You have survived and prospered through terrible press incidents such as the steroid scandal and the Chris Benoit incident. There was no huge harm in keeping her, but once again, WWE has made a bad decision.

Peace Out Bitches


Ben Gartland