The Lo'Down #3-WWE RAW 8/11 review

RJ TootheCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

Tonight's RAW was a great improvement from last week's. Overall it was an average show but compared to last week it was like Wrestlemania come early (not really I just love to overexaggerate). We got a good segment with Santino and Beth/Kofi and Mickie. Another bright spot was Chris Jericho vs Kane, which was my match of the night. And as much as I didn't like the actual main event match I loved the interaction that took place afterwords, finally some real hype for "the match of the century". Santino and Beth's little fiasco gets me more and more interested each week and I must say I find Santino's newly donned unibrow to be hysterical. And I think it's funny how Santino is RAW's new "Lady Killer", first Kelly and then Mickie this week. I liked the Kelly Kelly vs Bath match a lot and even though she is not above average I must say Kelly Kelly improves each week in the ring, and I didn't mind the hot pink number this week either (hopefully that statement didn't offend anyone). And then Santino challenging Mickie James to a match got me to chuckle, especially when Mickie got him in the headlocks and scissorlocks and Santino said "Don't-a do that to me!" So overall I must say this match hype was a good way to kick off the wrestling tonight (I say wrestling because these were the first actual matches of the evening). Another match I enjoyed a lot was Kane vs Chris Jericho. Mike Adamle said that this was a Summerslam calibur watch and in my opinion he was right. This match was action from start to finish and I like the way that they're making Jericho a main event quality heel with Randy Orton out (which I will address in a bit) and hopefully they will get that got awful JBL out of title matches and put an obviously more talented Chris Jericho in there instead. The thing about this that I didn't like is what was in Kane's bag. I really don't get why they put Rey Mysterio's mask in Kane's burlap bag and if they start a story that reveals Rey as Kane's long lost brother I may tune out of RAW because that it just terrible. Plus last week Kane said "He's dead", so I don't know why they're saying Rey Mysterio is dead. I am just hoping that maybe that wasn't Kane's real bag and that this was just a way to start a Mysterio-Kane feud with Mysterio mad that Kane used his mask as nothing more than a decoy and that it was "disrespectful". I really don't know how they could spin off of this i'm just brainstorming, but hopefully it won't disappoint us. Now on to the main event of the night, Rhodes and DiBiase vs Batista and Cena. Overall I must say the match was pretty sub par as far as main events go, but I was much more interested at what happened after the match took place. I liked how Cena didn't let Batista win the match and that Batista returned the favor by slapping Cena. I also felt like Cena was the obvious heel in this feud at the end of tonight and I was looking for that from one of the two superstars tonight. I'm happy that they made Cena look like the heel too, everyone boo's him out of the arena anyway, why not give the fans a reason to hate him. I also loved how the security couldn't hold either man back but I wish that they went more towards the way of Lashley and Umaga last year and had the brawl spill into the outside with Lashley even jumping from the steps onto Umaga, that was truly a crowd pleaser, but I was not disappointed with the interaction nonetheless. So overall I rate RAW a 3/5 tonight and that folks, is the Lo' Down. One more thing I'd like to address is that Randy Orton was involved in a serious motorcycle accident last night and was thrown 300 feet from his bike. Luckily the Legend Killer is in stable condition and his in ring return was only pushed back 3 months. I was so looking forward to seeing him at Summerslam because in an interview with Sky Sports on Thursday he teased his Summerslam return and now it's pushed back to November. So our thoughts and preyers are with the entire Orton family in this tough time and we wish Randy a succesful and speedy recovery.