Aaron Rodgers: Way Better Than Brett Favre

Thomas BrownSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2008

I don't mean to jump the gun here, but Aaron Rodgers just passed Brett Favre as the best quarterback in Packers history tonight.

I have been a life-long Packers fan, and I live and die with each Packers victory or defeat, respectively. I lived in the great state of Wisconsin for a long time, and let me tell you, I bleed cheese.  Therefore if anyone knew what they were talking about, I would.

Aaron Rodgers was nothing less than stunning tonight, throwing bullet passes and moving more nimbly than Jack that jumped over the candlestick.

Literally, Rodgers went 9-15 on the night under Super Bowl pressure. The eyes of Green Bay and the rest of the nation were upon him, and what did he do? He stepped up and delievered. There's nothing like a great champion such as Rodgers.

I didn't see Favre step up under the pressure, all I did was see him crumble under it.  Did anyone see that NFC Championship Game last year against the New York Giants?  Choke job.

You would have almost thought Favre was playing for the other team in that one.

And did you see Rodgers' beautifully thrown 30-yard touchdown pass to James Jones over a helpless Bengals defense?  It was literally a thing of beauty and will be engrained in my mind forever: the night Rodgers made Packer fans forget about Favre.

Rodgers led the Packers to 10 points in the first quarter, something Favre failed to do in many games throughout his career.

We have entered a new era, and that era is called the Aaron Rodgers Era.  Gone be the days that Packers fans remember that guy, Brett Favre.

When you think about it, there was nothing that great about Favre being in Green Bay.  All it was was failure after failure.  I can see it in Rodgers' eyes, he's not going to be the chump that Brett was.

Congratulations, with all the "greatness" Favre brought to the Packers organization over his 16 years, he really accomplished nothing.  He brought one Super Bowl to Green Bay. One.

And if you really think about it, how special is that? Even Shaun King accomplished that, one Super Bowl.

It is time to stand up and shout if you are a Packers fan, the time for greatness has come. We have overcome the shackles that have caused us to struggle all these years without a championship.

It's Aaron Rodgers time, and with that inevitably comes Super Bowl championships.

Aaron Rodgers is much better than Brett Favre ever will be.  I know this because Rodgers reigns from the beautiful Pac-10 school California, and not some ridiculous "school" in the south.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.


Thomas Brown is a contracted writer for ESPN.com and regularly contributes to the script of such shows as "Sports Center," and "Outside the Lines."