Raider Nation!It's Time To Represent!

Randy LavelleCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

The Raider Nation!
The Raider Nation!


1. Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), esp. in an official capacity.2. (of a competitor) Participate in a sports event or other competition on behalf of (one's club, town, region, or country).

It's time to Represent for your team The Oakland Raiders!Last week was a wake up call and humbled our team into improving and not taking any team for granted.

This week Raider Nation,is your chance to be the 12th man on the field!It's your chance to yell and scream your team to an advantage.The Titan fans did it to us and now we have our chance to do it to the Rams!

If your truly a fan,you would take full advantage of showing up for this game.I can not,for I live in Ohio and would surely love the chance to be there rooting my team to a win.I would scream so loud that I would try and cause False Starts to give the Raiders any advantage I could!

I would yell good praise for any and all positive plays for our Raiders,because this is a game they need to rebound from!They are playing for us!In there hearts,they know that we "The Raider Nation" are supporting them and they want to give back to us for supporting them through all the bad times.

The Raiders have worked so hard through the off season and I think harder than any other team.It may have not shown by last weeks performance,but you have to hand it to the Titans and there fans for bringing a "Hostile environment":That is the same thing The Raiders and the Raider Nation has to bring to this game!

I know the pigeon,the ghost of Jack Tatum,and the ghost of Marquis Cooper will be there in spirit willing this team to victory!So why not YOU!

So come on Raider Nation!!!!!     REPRESENT!!!!!