"Cody", Episode 12, "The Tide Is High" (Last Episode Before Season Finale!)

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

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We continue off at Cena's barbecue, and things are stirring up between Ted and Nicole....

Ted: No. Stay here. Stay...with me. Please.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Ted: I don't know how to say this but...I think I love you.

Nicole: WHAT?

Ted: I just...didn't  know to tell you.

Nicole: I can't believe this! *runs off*

Ted: Wait!

Nicole had to run off to collect her thoughts...she kept thinking to herself "Did that really happen?", while she composes herself, let's see what Cody is doing...

Cody: What happened?

Bellas: She tripped and fell! We think her ankle is broken!

Cody: Aw man...that's not good. *walks over to where Kelly is*

Kelly: *sheds fake tears* Oh Cody! I'm so glad you're here! I can't get up!

Cody: *takes a couple steps forward* Here, let me help you.

Bellas: *trips*

Cody: Whoa!

The Bellas had intentionally tripped Cody and he landed right on top of Kelly, and accidently their lips met. He was put in a very compromising position.

Nicole: Cody? What are you DOING? Is this what you've being doing? *starts to tear up*

Cody: Nicole! This isn't what it looks like! I tripped and fell...

Nicole: (voice breaking up) Right....you tripped and fell right on her face! I thought you loved me!

Cody: I do. I love you more than anything in the world!

Nicole: (starts to cry) No. No you don't. *walks away crying*

Cody: Nicole, wait! *tries to get up*

Kelly, Gail and Bellas: *holds down* Stay awhile. *kisses cheek*

Nicole tries to get away...she tries to leave....but....

Ted: Nicole! What happened? *hugs*

Nicole: (sobbing) He cheated on me. He was back there, kissing Kelly.

Ted: Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Do you want me to take you back to the hotel room?

Nicole: *nods and continues crying*

Randy: Hey where are you going? What happened?

Ted: I'll be back. I'll text you the details.

Randy: Ok....

In the backyard...Cody struggles to get free...

Cody: Let me go dammit! *struggles*

Kelly: But we love you!

Cody: *breaks free* Screw you guys! *runs out*

Randy: What the f*ck happened?

Cody: (frantically) Nicole, and the Bellas, and Kelly, and I tripped and fell, and she saw me...

Randy: Calm down! Tell me slowly...

Cody: *looks around* Well...*starts telling story*

Meanwhile...on the highway...

Ted: I can't believe Cody would do something like that, I thought he was such a good guy...

Nicole: I thought so too...

Ted: Well, i'm here if you ever wanna talk. I'm sorry for that thing I told you. I didn't mean it.

Nicole: You didn't mean it?

Ted: I mean, only if you want me to mean it...

Nicole: Thanks Ted.

Ted: No problem. *smiles* Is it ok if I text Randy the details?

Nicole: I don't care. *starts crying again*

Ted: Hey, don't cry...*puts hand on shoulder*

Nicole: It hurts.

Ted: I understand.

Back at the party...

Randy: Ok, so the Bellas asked for help...then what happened?

Cody: Well, then....

Randy: Hold on, I got a text from Ted. *reads*

Cody: Ok. *frowns*

Randy: *grits teeth*

Cody: Randy?

Randy: *punches Cody*

Cody: *reels back* Dude, what the hell?

Randy: I can't believe you. Why the f*ck would you do that to her? SHE f*cking loved you, you son of a

bitch! *punches and kicks*

Cena: Hey, hey! What's going on? Break it up, break it up!

Randy: *held back by Santino* Your bitch ass is dead! You hear me?

Cena: Hey you dropped your phone!

Cody: *holds face, picks up phone and reads*

Cena: You ok? That was pretty brutal.

Cody: I'm fine. *hands phone*

Cena: I'll give it back to him ASAP. What got into him I wonder?

Cody: I'm just a dumbass. Let's leave it at that.

After that little confrontation, Ted finally drops Nicole off at the hotel...

Nicole: Thanks Ted.

Ted: It's cool. I'm pretty pissed at Cody though.

Nicole: Me too. *tries to smile* Um...can I ask you something?

Ted: What's up?

Nicole: I really don't want anything to do with Cody right now. Do you mind if I stay in your room for a little while?

Ted: Oh, sure, but me and Randy have conjured rooms though.

Nicole: That's fine. I just need somewhere to chill for now.

Ted: Yeah, it's totally fine. Let me take up your bags for you.

Nicole: Ok.

So Nicole and Ted walk up to Ted's room and set all of her stuff down...

Ted: Oh snap, I forgot. I only have one bed. You can sleep here, I'll sleep on the floor.

Nicole: Thank you. *kisses cheek*

Ted: *smells and tries to resist temptation*

Nicole: If Cody asks, i'm not here. I don't want to see him, talk to him or anything.

Ted: I understand. *sighs and starts to walk away*

Nicole: Before you go, I need to change into my pajamas, and I can't unzip my dress in the back. Could you help me please?

Ted: *bites lip* Sure. *walks back over*

Nicole: Thank you again. Gosh, I feel like i've been saying that all night!

Ted: *unzips*

As any man probably would, Ted's heartbeat speeds up, his hands get sweaty, and his primal instinct kicks in, until he just couldn't fight it anymore.

Ted: *starts kissing neck*

Nicole: Mmmm...

Ted: *continues*

Nicole: *softly gasps and moans*

Ted: *pulls down dress and picks up Nicole*

Nicole: *grabs head and kisses*

Ted: *takes off shirt and lays down Nicole down*

Back at the party, people are starting to leave and Cody is getting worried...

Cody: *sighs* She's not answering her phone...

Cena: I read the text. I can't blame Randy for wanting to beat you up.


Cena: Surrrrrre, and I REALLY love my gimmick, gee wilickers!

Cody: Haha, very funny. I'm seriously getting worried because Randy told me Nicole left with Ted, and neither are answering their phones!

Cena: *Cough*SEX*Cough*

Cody: What? Ted would never do that to me! He's my best friend!

Cena: He may be your best friend, but Nicole is far by the hottest chick i've ever seen...

Cody: (worried) He...he wouldn't do that...hehe...he has Maryse!

Santino: Mary es looks like those ahobos comparte to Nikole!

Cena: *points to Santino* Exactly!

Cody: *sighs*

Let's take a look at what's going on at the hotel room...

Nicole: Wait...uhn...we shouldn't...uhn...do this...

Ted: It feels...uhn...so right.

Nicole: You're right. *kisses*

Ted: God, I love you so much. *kisses neck*

Nicole: I love you too. *softly gasps*

The next morning...

*knock, knock*

Ted: (sleepily) Hold on...

Nicole: (sleepily) Don't leave me...

Ted: There's someone at the door...

Nicole: *goes back to sleep and puts pillow over head*

*knock, knock*

Ted: What?

Cody: Hey man! Why didn't you answer your phone last night?!

Ted: I....um...was busy. Sorry.

Cody: Have you seen Nicole? I'm really worried!

Ted: Nope. Haven't seen her. Sorry.

Cody: Thanks anyway, bro! You're such a good friend!

Ted: Yup. *closes door*

Nicole: (sleepily) Mmm...who was that?

Ted: No one.

Nicole: I should go. Cody's probably looking for me.

Ted: and they say it feels the same with one on! Bulls*it!

Nicole: What?

Ted: I'm so glad you're pregnant already! That way I didn't have to worry about putting one on.


Ted: No why are you freaking out?

Nicole: *puts hands on face*

Ted: You are pregnant, right?




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