John Cena, Dave Batista: Champs No More - Rivals Forever

George ButcherCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

Last week on Raw, Cena and Batista won the tag team titles. This week, however, the two seemed to find it difficult to co-exist.

Each tried to send the other a message in the ring by destroying their separate opponent. But when they could not stand each other anymore, they lost concentration and were pinned 1-2-3. They not only lost the titles, but seemed to lose respect for one another.

Once the match was lost, both found it hard to keep their anger inside and had an all out brawl. Security tried to separate the two, but they powered their way through and destroyed each other.

It's easy to see that they despise each other going into their huge match at SummerSlam, and with only pride on the line, neither guy will give up and lose without a fight.

What's going to happen at SummerSlam this Sunday? Will one have his hand raised at the end, or will neither of them come out the victor?

The stakes are high and with all to play for, someone must win.