Left Backs : Who's The Best Of The Premier League?

Salaar ShamsiSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2008

We have successfully completed the first six editions of "Who Is The Best Of The Premier League?" Here, we shift our focus to the left backs.

The previous editions were based on Central Midfielders, Strikers, Defensive Midfielders, Left Wingers, Right Wingers and Right Backs.

Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres (Didier Drogba being the other striker), Micheal Essien, Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bakary Sagna have been our selected winners so far.

I'm picking some contenders, then the readers will hopefully pick the best out of them and in the process we will create another healthy debate, so here goes...


Patrice Evra (Manchester United-France)

United's Evra is very consistent, he may be on the short side but he is very effective in defending and efficient in his attacking.

Evra was one hell of a signing by Sir Alex and he's proved his potential in English Football.

Is he the Best?


Gael Clichy (Arsenal-France)

Another French lad, Clichy has matured tremendously over the past two seasons. He's fulfilled Ashley Cole's role very well.

He is a now quite a prominent part of Arsenal's setup.

Is he the Best?


Ashley Cole (Chelsea-England)

I don't really like him but he's considered amongst the best in English Football, hence, here he is.

Cole has been a positive signing for Chelsea despite losing Gallas to Arsenal.

Is he the Best?


I'm wrapping this up, real quick with three...Who else is there, anyway? McCartney? Konchesky? Taylor? Aurelio? Shorey? (just signed with Aston Villa) Baines?

Whoever you think is worthy of your vote, vote for him and don't think you can only vote for these three, you can vote for anybody you want, Am I clear?