Time For UNLV Football To Fire The New Coach

Rich PerezContributor ISeptember 19, 2010

Bobby Hauck has been a huge mistake for UNLV
Bobby Hauck has been a huge mistake for UNLVEthan Miller/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS- What a difference a year makes, Las year UNLV who was under the direction of now fired Mike Sanford were 2 wins and 1 loss now UNLV has Bobby Hauck who made a huge leap from Montana where he had some success in the minors of college football to where UNLV gave him the keys to Las Vegas and he is now 0-3 in 2010.

The fact is this program didn't need Bobby Hauck, it needed a premier coach, this is Las Vegas not Montana? Bobby Hauck is probably a good coach at that level, this is another level altogether that Hauck's game plan just doesn't work. Coaches leave Montana for places like Memphis and Tulane.

Who would have ever thought UNLV would lose so badly to rival Utah, So badly to Wisconsin who they always played so tough and losing to the worst in Idaho?

Hey UNLV wake up and smell the coffee, this team is in serious trouble and you have a coach who is ill prepared to meet the challenge of this league.  Lets hope UNLV makes the changes needed immediately, please stop the bleeding. Granted it wont happen (firing) Im sure, but I nor any Las Vegan am not impressed at all at this point.

Recruiting? I hear you all out there, the fact is he has some great recruits probably the best he has ever had, how much better can he recruit, than how Sanford did? I realize the holes on the O line and D line are weak, but realistically lets see if they even can get a win, one win?

I know I am in the minority here, Im the first to call it, I assure you this coach may not last two years here. I would hope and pray he can turn it around, for UNLV's sake, please Bobby turn it around now.

I am not disrespecting Hauck at all, his credentials are fine (for other schools). But like I said this is not a time UNLV should be experimenting. We need to start winning here.

Perhaps we can bring in Karl Dorrell, bring in Bobby Ross, bring in Terry Donohue, bring in Ken Norton Jr. Come on UNLV this city deserves better than this...