Matt Hasselbecks Time to Step Up and Take Control Is... Now!

matt christensenContributor IJune 26, 2016

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

After two losing seasons filled with poor play, and injuries Seattle Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is under the final year of his contract and this may be his last chance to be the Quarterback of the future. After 2007 where Hasselbeck lead Seattle to a 10-6 record, and a playoff win againts the Washington Redskins. Despite a poor running game and little talent at Wide Receiver, Hasselbeck was considered to be one of the NFC's top Quarterbacks. Now he is trying to keep his career as a starter alive. Hasselbeck came into 2010 proclaiming to be healthy for the first time in two years and many thought he would have a bounce back year. In week 1 Hasselbeck looked golden as he threw for two touchdowns, and ran another one in and lead Seattle to a 31-6 victory againts the 49ers. Seattle new the Hasselbeck of old was back and rumbles of the 'Hawks winning the west starting coming up. Then Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks traveled to Denver to face the broncos. Hasselbeck looked horrible while he lead Seattle down field several he threw three interptions, two of them coming while the Seahawks were in scoring postion.

I myself am a huge hasselbeck fan i believe he is a good Quarterback in the NFL and we are lucky to have him. However i am getting tired of waiting for Hasselbeck to show is 2007 form and I am starting to wonder if he can be that great Quarterback again. Now we have seen great Quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, and Kurt Warner go through tough years then regain the form that made them great but time is running out for Hasselbeck He is close to turning 35 and under the last year of his contract and he needs to lead this franchise back to the playoffs! He need to take care of the ball! Hasselbeck was a big reason we have failed to win over the last two years and that can't happen. Come on Hasselbeck the time is now! Time to step your game up and prove to the NFL you can still lead this team! If not Charlie Whitehurst will be happy to take over.