Sexiest Fan Of The Week: Oklahoma Sooner Fan Jesse Jane

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2010

Jesse Jane at Oklahoma Game
Jesse Jane at Oklahoma Game

This week I am starting a "Sexiest Fan of the Week" weekly article in which I will write an article about an attractive female who is a fan of a respective fan base. Since I got the idea this evening, I am not exactly sure how I will format the article but feedback will be welcome. If you have someone you would like to recommend for "Sexiest Fan of the Week" just leave me a comment and I will inform you how to get in touch with me. At the least, I will need a picture of the person in team gear and it must be G rated. With that said, let me get to my first ever "Sexiest Fan of the Week".

I would like to introduce everyone to the sexiest Oklahoma Sooner fan I personally ever seen. Her name is Jesse Jane and I stumbled upon Jesse via twitter. Somehow I was following her and the first week of college football I noticed she made reference to being at the OU game so I responded to her tweet and we had a general conversation about her being a OU fan. The following week I asked her if she was attending the OU game and she informed me she was not able because she would be in California shooting a movie. What movie was she shooting?

It turns out Ms. Jane is in the adult industry and you can see more of her at her website which is her name (Jesse Jane) dot com. Visit her site only if you are 18 years old or older and even then do not visit at work or anywhere you will offend others for viewing adult material. 

As I was looking around in the barely sports section of The Bleacher Report I got the idea to do this weekly article and the first person that came to mind was Jesse Jane since I knew she is a OU fan. I asked her on twitter if I could make her my first ever "Sexiest Fan of the Week" and she agreed. As I get a better feel as how I will do this I might eventually go back and redo an article on Jesse Jane, but I am honored to be able to say that she is my first ever "Sexiest Fan of the Week" and for that I want to thank Ms. Jane for allowing me to also use her picture.