Josh Koscheck Plans To Stick His Foot Where The Sun Doesn't Shine at UFC 124

Marco YanitelliAnalyst ISeptember 20, 2010

MONTREAL- MAY 8: Josh Koscheck (top) stands on Paul Daley in their welter weight bout at UFC 113 at Bell Centre on May 8, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Literally. After all the Sun wont be shining in Montreal when the two coaches of TUF 12 meet up to settle matters at UFC 124. The only stars shinning that night will be the fighters competing for a six-figure-contract (Including decimals), Josh Koscheck and George St Pierre, the odds on favorite to be victorious in yet another dangerous title defense.

“I’m going to rough him up – be the bully,” says Koscheck.  “All the pressure is on him already. It’s his home town, his fans, his belt. Add the pressure I will be bringing and you get a champion reigning on borrowed time."

Statements like that remind many fans of Chael Sonnen and his antics. “I can’t comment on Chael’s mindset, only my own," says Kos.  Despite the apparent increase in trash talk within the UFC, Kos insists that isn’t the case here. “I speak my mind. If I think the sky is red then I say it’s red. It’s the media that hypes the story, makes it what it is”.

What is “it” you might ask? According to Koscheck “it” is an old fashioned butt-kicking.

 “I’m going to have a whole new arsenal to throw at GSP. I’m bringing it all- If I owned a branding iron I would probably bring that too. I have every advantage. He has the belt, the home town arena, and all those adoring fans to please. I just have to worry about hitting him as many times as I can- this is not a fight that is going to go the distance.”

“The last time I fought GSP I didn’t even know how to fight," said Koscheck.  "I have evolved since then- George is still the lay and pray fighter he has always been. In my opinion, the fans want more these days. They don’t want to watch twenty-five minute long wrestling matches. They want fighters that finish, preferably by knockout. Wrestling is a means to an end. Wrestling is the means by which I will set-up and then end GSP’s welterweight reign."



Marco: Let me ask you few questions about specific fighters. Please answer as fast as you can and preferably without thinking”

Koscheck: (Chuckles) Yeah lets see how much trouble you can get me in.

Marco: What was getting knocked on your backside by Paulo Thiago like?

Koscheck: You ever see a movie called “What Dreams May Come”? The scene where the man is running through heaven, flying through the air and playing in painted flowers? Well it was nothing like that at all. (laughs) Seriously, he caught me fair and square I make no excuses. It happens.

Marco: (laughs) What about Paul Daley?

Koscheck: Funniest thing about him is that he had fifteen minutes to hit me in the face while we fought and didn’t. Not really anything else to say about him – suckerpunchers are cowards. I don’t care if it’s a cage, a ring, or just a local bar. Screw 'em.

Marco: Do you still want to fight Tito Ortiz?

Koscheck: His head is on the block and next on the list. I walk around a solid 193 or so- I would be happy to fight him at 205 if he would just find the guts to accept the fight. He never will but a man can hope. Don’t insult a man’s friends the way he insulted Mark Coleman (at UFC 109) and expect to not get smacked around for it. In fact I think I am going to learn open palm technique just for his sorry ass (Tito). 

Marco: Ok that all sounds good but is there anyone else? Who does Koscheck really want to fight for purely personal satisfaction?

Koscheck: I’m the bad guy who will fight anyone. I want to be hated by my opponents and I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about that. I just tell it how it is.

Marco: So there isn’t anyone besides GSP and Tito that really gets your fires burning?

Koscheck: Justin Beiber!  That bastard is a total tweet whore- nearly 3% of all tweets are about him. I’m sure he will try to duck me but just in case I still have a hammerfist with his name on it.

(The fact that Beiber is not a fighter but a star of Teen Beat magazine seems to just add fuel to the fire.)

I just want to wreck him – some day, Beiber! (15 minutes of maniacal laughter follows…)

Marco:  Bieber’s use of social media irritates you? Is that more of a reference to the emerging social networking trend as applied to MMA?

Koscheck: Social media like Twitter and Facebook have made this business a whole new game. As a niche sport we have the strongest self supporting community in the world. Fans have never been so close to the fighters and it has meant a lot for new promotions.

A promoter needs two fighters for an event? He can find 20 in ten minutes on Facebook. It is part of what makes our sport better than any others. I got my very first MMA fight by responding to an online request on I don’t see that dynamic changing anytime soon.

Marco: What about The Ultimate Fighter season 12?

Koscheck: The fighters are better than they have ever been. It's hard to spot weakness in any of the season 12 fighters. They seem to get better every season - since this is the latest it will definitely be the best. Expect fireworks.”

Marco: TMZ recently caught George St Pierre on the street in Montreal and asked him if he plans on either “tickling you” to cause a distraction or even go so far as “passing gas” in order to obtain a “biological warfare type victory”. Any comment?

Koscheck: Seriously? (laughs)  I think you asking me about my wrestling and TMZ asking about his (GSP’s) damn farting habits says it all.

I think that is something we can all agree on.

Marco: Any message for your fans out there before I hang up on you…er end the interview I mean?

Koscheck: (laughs) Yeah. Tell them that they can all follow and directly communicate with me all season long by tweeting JoshKoscheck@twitter.”

Hey Beiber- better start training!


Credit and thanks for this interview must be given to both Joe Schafer and Angel Cordero of for making this interview possible.


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