A History Lesson on the Helmets of the SEC

Thomas BrownSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2008

I thought I would take a look back at the storied tradition that is SEC football. Throughout the years, the jerseys and helmets have changed, but the traditions have remained the same. Here is each one of my favorite helmets from each school with a little history to go along with it.

Georgia, December 29, 1991

Since 1964, the Georgia helmet has had a white facemask, except for one game in the Independence Bowl against Arkansas in 1991 when the facemask was black. I think the Bulldogs look much more intimidating with the black rather than the white.

Mississippi State, 1996-2003

I like the maroon color and the inter-tangled "MSU" letters much more than the current white helmet with the large maroon M saying "State" across it.

Kentucky, 1997-2003

Kentucky switched to this helmet after years with only a single "K" written on their helmet. Since then, they have reversed the colors seen here, but I have always been a fan of the white shell.

Tennessee, 1977-current

Tennessee has the most boring helmet history out of any team in the SEC. All they have done over the years is play with the dimensions of the "T." The current "T" looks the best, I guess.

Ole Miss, 1979-1982

I like this Rebel logo much more than the "Ole Miss" script on the side of their helmets today. They also had a phase where the helmets were a lighter shade of blue, which did not look to good either.

South Carolina, 1983-1998

South Carolina's helmets have gone from white to black to red more times than I can remember throughout the school's history. I have always been a fan of the red helmets, with the black in a close second. I am not a big fan of the white shells that South Carolina currently wears.

Vanderbilt, 1986-1989

Vanderbilt has had the most changes in helmets in the history of the school than any other school in the SEC. They have always had good taste in helmets. Although I am a fan of their current helmets, I have to give the nod to the 1986-1989 Vanderbilt helmets.

Auburn, 1979-1983

Auburn's helmet have basically remained the same for its entire school history. However, they changed their facemask color to blue in 1984, and I liked the orange facemask they wore from 1979-1983.

Alabama, forever

Maybe one of the most classic helmets in all of college football, rivaling Notre Dame.

Arkansas, 1995-2000

The Arkansas helmet has been the same since 1964, with slight adjustments to the Razorback logo on the side. The 1995-2000 Razorback looks the best to me. They made the Razorback slightly bigger in 2001-present.

Florida, 1979-current

Previous Florida helmets had an interlocking "UF" symbol on the sides of the helmet. The "Gators" script looks better.

LSU, 2007 against Tulane

The Tigers wore this white-shelled helmet against Tulane to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. Heartwarming.