UFC 119: What Melvin Guillard Must Do To Beat Jeremy Stephens

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2010

There is only one word that can accurately describe UFC 119's lightweight showdown between Melvin Guillard and Jeremy Stephens...EXPLOSIVE!

Neither of these two young and exciting fighters are even close to being in title contention in the lightweight division right now but with all of the talent that is housed in that division neither fighter can afford a loss at this point if they want to remain relevant.

While it's hard not root for Stephens' gritty, balls to the wall style, this is Melvin Guillard's fight to lose.

Guillard is the more explosive, more experienced and better coached fighter.

Talent and athleticism have never been an issue for the New Orleans native; Guillard's problem has been mental and finding a way to put it all together.

Now under the tutelage of, arguably, the best coach in all of MMA, Greg Jackson, it finally looks like Guillard will be able to cash in on all of that God given talent.

For Guillard to be victorious at UFC 119 the recipe is simple; be exactly who you are. Be explosive, be dynamic and be aggressive. But, be all of those things while staying focused and in control.

There's no question that Guillard has always been his own worst enemy in the cage, but if he can harness that aggression and focus that explosiveness he is going to be a very dangerous man.

Aside from just focusing his energy it's going to be very important that Guillard varies his attack and utilizes his wrestling base. The better job Guillard can do of keeping Stephens off balance and guessing the more openings he will create for himself in the process.

This is going to be a great fight and easily has all the making of a potential "Fight of the Night", so be sure to tune in Saturday and catch all of the action live for yourself.