The WWE Teaches Us A Lot Of Things:The Question is, Are You Willing To Learn?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2010

As I sat on my couch, smiling like a kid courtesy the praise and record breaking 53 likes I got on my last article, I got the feeling that I completed a chapter of my life which looked tough in the beginning.

No! It wasn’t the end of my life, neither was I dying but some thing told me that I had accomplished “some thing” to close a chapter of my life.

That is when it dawned on me, I HAD GROWN UP and subsequently matured, the way my parents wanted me to.

For once, rather than jumping up and down on my bed and running around the house like a maniac, I actually cried and was filled with emotions for I had achieved some thing, which I never thought I would.

Seeing as I have learned a lot while being a part of the IWC, I thought of thanking you and specially WWE (A company that I have ranted against more than any body could dream of).

But I didn’t want to do it, just by randomly picking a few interesting PPV’s, thanking them for the hot Divas (a source of natural beauty left considering that global warming has already destroyed a lot) or by thanking them for the adrenaline pumping and nerve chilling main event matches. I wanted to thank them “Iam D Real Deal yo” style.

So I digged deep, revisited many moments of my life to come up with a few handful things which the WWE and the IWC taught me.

The first thing which the WWE taught me was...Take inspiration from your haters

The person that reminds me of this saying is none other than my hero, John Cena. Yes you read it correctly. I will be honest here, before I joined the IWC I always was one of those “silly kids” who would cheer and rave for him even after he would cut a lame promo.

The first time I read about him in the IWC, I was surprised! I was shocked that people had so much hate for Cena. But slowly and steadily after I drank the IWC, I realized what the reality is.

Surprisingly! My respect for Cena increased multiple times. The reason being, that he refused to quit.

Yes! He refused to quit even after people wished death upon him, he refused to quit even after the biggest writers in the IWC branded him “USELESS”, he refused to quit even after people booed him even though he was the Top Face of the company, he refused to quit even after he was cursed at, he refused to die even after people did not care a bit about his status.

This is some thing which taught me, to deal with my haters in personal life; it taught me the best way to shut any one up who ever doubted me.

For all the haters out here who love to come up with adjectives which make me open my dictionary to understand their meaning and for all the haters who try to invent new and cool ways to bash Cena up, just keep in mind….You are not gaining A THING!

You just give him one more reason to succeed, you just give him one more reason to prove you wrong, you give him one more reason to defy all odds and come out on top.

I know that Cena is always pushed down our throats, but it isn’t his fault that he is the labeled cash cow. He does play Super Man on Television but I guess that he is one TOUGH HUMAN in real life as well.

You have to applaud the man’s spirit for standing against the majority of the world and proving them wrong, thus wiping out the arguments of those who said that Cena (with his average wrestling skills) could never make it.

The next thing which I can think of is….Don’t just say it, Do It

The person who I would like to throw some light on with this argument is another person who is very much hated by the IWC and his name is, The Miz.

Yes! You read it correctly again.

This quality about The Miz is highlighted by the sudden push which he is receiving. While we can go on arguing whether he deserved it or not, we all will agree that the major reason why he was pushed was because of his Workaholic Nature and his subsequent ability to go on campaigns and promotional tours to help the WWE in marketing their product.

The person who I am going to compare The Miz with is another wrestler that I respect and he is none other than Matt Hardy.

First of all let me say that I am Not Playing Devil’s Advocate here, neither am I hating on Matt, as a matter of fact am I a huge fan.

I am not comparing their in ring work, promo skills or their charisma, I am just comparing their Attitude!

Honestly speaking, I won't have been bothered a BIT with his youtube uploads and his tweets. But the fact that has bothered me is that he is just not doing any thing special when it comes to helping his career. The passion which should be seen in his in ring work is being shown in his videos. The problem is, That It Is Not Doing A Thing to be noticed by me and hence even though I am a huge fan and still will be but It can't keep me for pointing it out!

I would like to draw your attention to the recent activities done by Matt Hardy. I mean he has been flooding you tube lately with his “constant” messages in which he says that he is going to be the best; apparently we are yet to see a “thing.”

While many are going to say, that he is being held back by the WWE, but I refuse to agree that a person can’t initiate or induce his push.

I mean, let’s look at The Miz. He would have never been pushed “so soon” had he not shown his willingness to stay on the road 24*7 to promote the WWE.

Where as, Matt Hardy was more engaged in repeating the same thing over and over again.

This proves that The Miz initiated his push, the officials would never had pushed him “so early” considering the fact that his in-ring work still needed a bit to be desired.

I am not saying that every superstar has to be like The Miz or has to go out of the way to be pushed. But the point is that to succeed in the WWE (and in life) you always have to do some extra work.

The Miz did the extra and he is sitting pretty, while those who kept saying the same thing over and over again, could not do much.

The point is that a person should always back up his words by his actions. This way not only does he learn and achieve but he also proves him self.

But if a person keeps on rambling about something without doing any thing to back himself up, then he will slowly be written off.

This kills any credibility or respect he has earned and in the end, the person achieves nothing.

And last but not the least, the WWE teaches us…The Necessity of being Confident and the having a good Personality

Last but certainly not the least, the WWE teaches us the necessity to have a Personality and have Confidence in our abilities and in our selves

The person that I took inspiration from here is none other than the person who epitomizes these two things and he is no one else than The Rock.

Way back in 2003, when I was just a 9 year old I was surprised to see that The Rock (who was a heel back then) used to pick on the audience and yet get a very warm reception, while someone like the Hurricane whom he had a mini-feud with, was not getting any reaction comparable to him.

Back in those days, every face was as good as God and every heel was as bad as Evil to me yet the crowd’s reaction surprised me.

At that point of time, I was very sugar coated and had the personality that many people in the IWC describe as a “Vanilla baby face”.

While people did find me kind, but I still was missing out a lot.

Enter the year 2009, the year I joined the IWC and after all my questions were answered, I realized that just being a simple, sugar-coated person is something that will not work in the present day world.

I transformed my self and I transformed my self for the good. I realized that in the present B****'n world, kind people are very tough to find.

Honestly speaking, it is serving me well because I have learn't how to deal with those who deal with you just for their personal good and are nothing but selfish.

As far as the confidence issues go, this is a problem which I tamed, only recently. As a matter of fact, when I just joined B/R, I had No Confidence what so ever

While my personality was shaping well, I never could gather the courage to do a few things which I desired to.

I would write articles after a lot of hard work and after publishing them I would think that people are going to call it rubbish and brand me as a Liability to this venue.

But thanks to many of my supporters and well wishers on this site here, I fought this problem the way I should have

Now! I have gained the confidence to put across and publish my articles without any resentment. I have stopped caring if an article is well received or not because I am also mature enough to understand that you can’t always be right.

Let’s look at this article for an instance. I mean this is some thing new and is a “gamble” considering the fact that I am not sure if the IWC will enjoy such a concept or not. Yet I am willing to try and I have the confidence that it will do SOMETHING

No! The WWE did not make me perfect, the just helped me grow. They did not make me the best, as a matter of fact they made me more insane and more crazy. But it's just that, I don't resent any thing, I cherish every moment of my insanity.

Hence the WWE teaches us a lot of things, the question is: are you wanting to learn?

Does the IWC teach us anything?

I added the poll in my article for a purpose and I found out that the slide shows on..are getting all the love.

But the IWC teaches us some thing here.....IT'S ALL ABOUT RESPECT

I have yearned for respect from the IWC and I am glad that I have been respected by the majority. I have been awestruck when many respected writers FAN me.

I know that there still are a few tough ones to impress, but I am giving my best to reach my destination.

To prove my point all I want to say is that, it is NOTHING but the appreciation by your peers which make you the best.To prove my point, I would like you all to read a few forgotten gems:

Notes From The Last Dossier: The Venom Of Randy Orton by Sulayman H

Chris Jericho breaking the walls of ignorance one step at a time by JVCXV

CvC: Chris Jericho, the Evolution of a master mind by Devon Givens

Lets Bring back Integrity to the IWC by Mike AKA The Professor

Matt Hardy is a self promoting machine and he should be by Chirs Mueller AKA The Dude

Age Of The Viper: It Only Took Three Months by Mister Ashley Morris

There are many more gems which are forgotten, but I will be revisiting them and make you remember them as my articles progress.

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