The Lo'Down Special Report-WWE Summerslam 2008 Predictions

RJ TootheCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

Okay folks we are right around the corner from the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer SUMMERSLAM! This is a special edition of The Lo'Down in which I will share my picks for this pay per view extraviganza and I hope to hear your picks as well

Jeff Hardy vs MVP:
I love this feud and the fact that MVP made it personal by addressing Jeff's house burning down and the death of his dog Jack only (please no pun intended) added more fuel to the fire. I think that this will lead off the show and possibly steal the show as well only because we already know the Hell in a Cell will be great regardless so we can't count that. I see this feud catapaulting Jeff Hardy into the WWE Title picture so i'm going with him for the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Winner Take All Match-Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix vs Kofi Kingston/Mickie James:
They are really starting to push Santino Marella giving him 2 wins in 2 weeks, mind you the face that they were both against divas, but that's exactly how I see this match ending. Santino will run and knock Kofi off the apron then roll up Mickie James, then we'll get the trumpet of victory from Santino once again
Winners: Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix (New Intercontinental and Womens Champion)

ECW Championship-Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry:
I am so excited about this match because i think this will finally be the time that Matt Hardy will win a world championship. Matt has been so underused since splitting with Jeff and I would've loved to see an Edge-Matt World Heavyweight Championship feud on Smackdown but as long as Matt gets a world title i'm happy. I think that Tony Atlas will distract the ref and that will backfire on him with Matt either hitting Mark Henry with the belt on giving him a low blow followed by a twist of fate
Winner: Matt Hardy (New ECW Champion)

WWE Championship-Triple H vs The Great Khali:
The Great Khali will never beat Triple H for the WWE Championship. WWE would not be stupid enough to have this happen, ever. This is going to be the same thing as Cena vs Khali at Judgement Day last year, Khali will toss Triple H around like a rag doll until the last 4 minutes then Triple H will hit an amazing spinebuster followed by a pedigree 1....2....3
Winner: Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship-CM Punk vs JBL:
This one is so up in the air with me, there are so many possibilities that could happen. I see either JBL winning with some type of underhanded tactic or CM Punk winning and people will realize that he's more than a paper champion. One more thing that may happen though it the return of Randy Orton. The motorcycle incident may prove to be a hoax with Orton returning and RKO'ing both Punk and JBL and it would be the ultimate way to bring him back as a heel. But as far as what I think, i'm going to have to go with CM Punk clean.
Winner: CM Punk

The Undertaker vs Edge-Hell in a Cell:
This one's really a no brainer, The Undertaker is returning to get his revenge on Edge and there's nothing he can do about it except prey. Mark my words Undertaker will not lose this match by any means but never count out the Rated R Superstar, he won't take this laying down.
Winner: The Undertaker

Batista vs John Cena:
I think this will be a lot better than people think. I've heard people mother f*** this match so many times and I just don't see why, both men are superb atheletes and it's basically King Kong vs Godzilla WWE style. Ok I see Batista dominating Cena throughout the match and I either see Cena winning by using the tights or making Dave tap, either way I see Cena winning
Winner: John Cena