NFL Rumors: Braylon Edwards May Be Released by the New York Jets

Scott McDowellContributor IISeptember 24, 2010

Purple Drankin!
Purple Drankin!Al Bello/Getty Images

According to "JetsFan69" on twitter, who retweeted "MP3210" the New York Jets are set to release wide receiver Braylon Edwards. "MP3210" claims to have a friend who has a brother that is dating a girl, who has a cousin, who's friends with the husband of a Jets front office personnel.

Edwards was booked for being drunk, driving a car, and doing the "Dougie." According to inside sources at Baskin' Robbins, the wide receiver had ordered 32 flavors earlier in the night. All the Purple Dranks added up to a .16 BAC, ironically close to his GPA at Michigan.

Meanwhile, Rex Ryan told all of his players to stop embarrassing the franchise. According to an Internet poster JonJeff, Ryan was mad. But hey, they still got Santonio Holmes right! Coach Ryan also took his frustration off on a couple of trips through the Golden Corral line.