TNA Title Change at House Show, A Storm Blows Through The WWE, And More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 24, 2010

New X-Division champ?

Recently at a TNA house show at the Hammerstien Ballroom in NY. Amazing Red went on to defeat Jay Lethal and become the new X-Division champ. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the future Impact tapings.

Titles swapping at house shows are a rare treat that fans get to see. I have seen a few over the years myself. Keep in mind; it doesn’t mean that’s how things will stand on TV. Many times the former champ will just regain the strap at the next show.

That always isn’t the case though. Sometimes in order to hype attendance for house shows, the promoters will acknowledge the swap during TV tapings. I don’t think they will do that in this case, but you never know. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


Stand back there’s a hurricane coming through

Former WWE fan favorite Gregory Helms (the Hurricane) did an interview with the pro wrestling report and covered a variety of subjects. He talked about money, the way they are treated, and more. It was an interesting interview to say the least. I would highly recommend going to and hearing the whole thing.


Here are some of the subjects they covered on the show


Helms on WWE's classification for wrestlers and claims that talent averages $550,000 annual salary during an interview recently:

"I can see both sides of it to a degree. The way they treat us - the restrictions they place aren't restrictions you give to an independent contractor," said Helms. "WWE places all these other rules on you. You can't work for anybody else, you can't do this, you can't do that, which are rules that really shouldn't apply to an independent contractor, but to an employee."


"The only reason they do that is to benefit themselves and it's of no benefit to the independent contractor at all," Helms claimed, saying that it’s all for tax purposes. "It's not an independent contractor; it's an exclusive contractor. You're signed to an exclusive contractor and you're an employee, but without employee benefits."


 Helms also added that some low-card guys only bring in $300-$500 a week.


"That's total bulls--t. That's the biggest f--king lie I've ever heard them say. That's a monstrous lie," Helms said. "I'll tell you why - what they're doing is comparing top guys's salary, but what lower card guys and mid-card guys and upper mid-card guys get is nothing compared to what that one percent of the top guys get."


"That's the whole thing with the youth movement. They bring these guys up from FCW because they're paying them beans. Some of these guys are getting $300 or $400 per week and that's before taxes. After taxes, you talking about McDonald's money," he said. "And these guys are going out there destroying their bodies. I'm not saying that because I'm bitter, but because it's a fact."




Helms On his time in ECW:

 "total misery."


On WWE now vs. when he was there:

 "I don't want to come off bitter because I loved being there, but it's a different company from when I was there," he said.



JoMo Injured?

There have been numerous reports around the net that John Morrison was injured at a house show in France last night. Many are saying that it looked as if he twisted his knee, and was limping real bad. There has been no confirmation from Morrison or the WWE.

Most likely he isn’t hurt bad or at all. If he is though, this would be a real bad time for him to get hurt. He is already looming in mid-card limbo. I would hate to see him get hurt and be set back further. I will update more on this as reports come out.


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