Terrell Owens: Is T.O The Greatest WR Ever Or Is He a Team Distraction?

Stefan A.Contributor ISeptember 25, 2010

When thinking of the greatest wide receiver to ever play the sport, who comes to mind? Jerry Rice? Randy Moss? Never have we heard anyone once utter the words of Terrell Owens being the best wide receiver to ever put on a football uniform. Many people remember Owens for his touchdown celebrations, and his problems with his quarterbacks. Rarely has anyone made notice of his many accomplishments.

    • Currently, the only player in NFL history to score a TD against all 32 NFL teams
    • Currently, the only player in NFL history to score 2 TDs against 31 NFL teams (all except Buffalo Bills)
    • Oldest player to have a TD reception of 98+ yards (35 years, 350 days); (also oldest to have a TD reception of 76 yards or more)
    • Consecutive seasons with at least 4 touchdown receptions (14)
    • Consecutive seasons with at least 4 touchdowns (14)
    • Consecutive seasons with at least 3 touchdown receptions (14) - tied with Cris Carter and Andre Reed
    • Consecutive seasons with at least 40 receptions (13)
    • One of five players to have at least 2 receptions of 90+ yards (John Taylor, Mike Quick, Gaynell Tinsley, and Willard Dewveall)
    • 6th player to reach 1,000 career receptions, 6th player to reach 100 touchdown receptions, 6th player to reach 14,000 receiving yards, 3rd player to reach 15,000 receiving yards
    • Through 14 seasons, has 147 total touchdowns (144 receiving), 14,951 receiving yards, 1,006 receptions, 251 rushing yards, and 3 rushing touchdowns
    • Averaged one touchdown per game in 2001, 2004, and 2007
    • Has had nine 1,000 yard seasons, including five consecutive (2000–2004)
    • Reached 100 catches in only 14 games in 2002
    • Led League in receiving touchdowns in 2001, 2002, and 2006
    • Third all-time in receiving touchdowns behind Jerry Rice and Randy Moss
    • Third all-time in receiving yards behind Jerry Rice and Isaac Bruce.


It's no secret that Owens career was drenched with scrutiny and bad press. When Owens was in San Francisco, he became very displeased with quarterback Jeff Garcia. In interviews with reporters he questioned Garcia's sexual orientation. His issues with QB Donovan McNabb became so severe that the Philadelphia Eagles ultimately paid him not to play the latter half of the schedule in 2005, one year after he helped McNabb reach his only Super Bowl. After Terrell Owens cried for Tony Romo, his relationship with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback soured as well.

Owens set a huge feat when he established a single-game record by making 20 receptions against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 17, 2000. He reached the Pro Bowl every year from 2000-04 and again in 2007. He also made one of the most surprising recoveries, seven weeks after ankle surgery. He made nine catches for 122 yards for the Eagles in a Super Bowl XXXIX loss to the New England Patriots.


As much as many argue on his value as a teammate, their is no denying Terrell Owens skills out on the 100 yard field. I know I may rack up a bit of a roar in the comments, but Terrell Owens is better than Randy Moss. Below I will summarize how:

1- Terrell Owens has shown to be a great blocker, and more than he has been praised for. Terrell Owns have blocked for many of his teammates which has resulted in a big play or a key first down. Randy Moss who is known for his laziness, is also not known for his blocking skills.

2-Terrell Owens has also been more consistent than Randy Moss throughout his 15 years in the NFL. No matter what team, each year T.O has found a way to rack up receiving yards, making each of his quarterbacks look good. Moss, who is also a great receiver, has put up great and sometimes better numbers than T.O, but who could forget about his stint on the Oakland Raiders.

3-Although both stars are known for their bad media image, Randy Moss is known for deserting his team. Does anybody remember when Randy Moss blamed the Raiders for his laziness, and ability to play? Or even last week when he stated the Patriots fans don't appreciate him? On the flip side, despite Terrell Owens earlier years we've seen him shape up. Who could forget when Terrell Owens cried for Tony Romo. The media was also killing themselves to try and crack one bad thing out of T.O with his stint on the Buffalo Bills.

4-Finally, Terrell Owens ability to take the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl tops Randy Moss Super Bowl trip with New England. It's clear that Tom Brady, and the well packed New England Patriots were the reason they took a trip to Arizona only to lose to the New York Giants. The Eagles who at the time had no superstars asides from Owens and McNabb, depended on Owens spectacular catches for that successful season.


While many will argue that Terrell Owens does not deserve the title, The Greatest Wide Receiver Ever, I certainly believe he does. Not only has T.O been interesting to watch throughout his career, he has stats to back up his talk. USA Today has also ranked T.O as the #1 receiver of the 2000s. Let's hope the Hall of Fame voters will uphold their remarks on not letting Mr.Owens in on the prestigious award.Owens has shown what a real receiver is. Whether it's playing the showman card or just straight smash mouth football. It will be great to see the Cincy Bengals ride straight to the Super Bowl this year!