Oakland Raiders: Should Jason Campbell Call Up JaMarcus Russell for Advice?

Germiyer HallContributor ISeptember 25, 2010

Benching a starting quarterback has a way of derailing confidence, which can decline performance. Although, Jason Campbell will get another chance to prove his ability to quarterback the Raiders this season, but merely under the current circumstances.

There are tons of negatives that have been said about former Raider JaMarcus Russell tenure in Oakland, but one thing that can’t be argued, Russell handled the criticism and the demotion from first team to third team fairly well. One thing I realize after Russell benching, which had a major effect on his pocket presence, Russell felt that anytime he was under center he had to make a play.  

The decision to start Bruce Gradkowski at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders at this time is most certainly the right choice made by the Oakland Raider staff.

Jason Campbell was acquired this off-season to start at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in favor of former Raider JaMarcus Russell and Bruce Gradkowski.

After six quarters of being under extreme duress Campbell is demoted to back up quarterback. All three quarterbacks mention thus far has added to the long list of quarterbacks with unacceptable numbers while under center for the Oakland Raiders.

Gradkowski, the fans favorite tends to stand out amongst the three with a couple of unexpected wins. On paper, Raiders have the talent at the skill positions to beat any team on any giving Sunday, but in order to win consistently all other positions need to be addressed, including the staff.

All three quarterbacks currently on the Raiders roster brings something different to the table. Gradkowski has a gun slinging mentality that can sense the pressure and get rid of the ball, which alleviates the poor play from the offensive line.

Optimistically, I'm sure a Campbell phone call to Russell about anything, isn't a recommended approach. Campbell gave Russell positive advice shortly after Russell were released saying,"Keep your head up, and continue to work there are some things in professional sports that we don't have control over"