The Pole Winner is, Ryan Newman, driving the #4 _______ Chevy

RT WhiteContributor IAugust 13, 2008

OK, so now that Ryan Newman has officially been announced as the second driver at Stewart-Haas Racing for the 09 season, it got me thinking; Who should sponsor Newman's car? 

I've got a couple suggestions for Tony and Co.  I'm sure he checks this site daily...

Anyway, I've narrowed it down to my top three potential sponsors for Ryan Newman and the #4 Stewart-Haas Chevy.

1)  USPS.  Yep, the US Postal Service.  The rumor is that the actual sponsor will be UPS.  But I thought, wait a minute, why not the USPS in stead?  The government might as well send some of our tax dollars towards America's favorite sport!  And just think, Newman from "Seinfeld" was a US Mail Carrier.  Think of the jokes!  Hello, Newman vs What can Brown do for you!

2)  Harley-Davidson.  Yep, a company that manufactures motorcycles should sponsor a stock car.  Here's why, big money.  The merchandise is key.  The bikes themselves are nearly an after thought.  It seems like everywhere I look, I always see (or hear) H-D stuff.  Hats, tank-tops, jackets, sunglasses, and of course the bikes.  In the showrooms, you'll have a special edition Harley, just like at the Chevy dealership you'll have a special edition Impala.  At the track, this merchandise hauler would have the longest lines.  Or at least give Dale Jr a run for the money. Every track, every part of the country.  Think about this one, it would bring in some serious bread.

3)  John Deere.  CAT sponsors a car.  Why can't Deere? It's a solid company.  I know my Dad has a vested interest in the company, so does every other American farmer.  Could you imagine the paint scheme?  Solid green with a bright yellow Deere logo on the hood?  Nothing runs like a Deere. Wait, nothing runs like a Deere, with a Bow Tie around its neck.

Sponsors deserving some consideration:

ITunes - Some kind of deal that would give me free downloads every time Newman wins a pole.

Dr. Pepper/ Snapple - Another deal that needs to score us all some free soda.  I mean, there isn't many beverage companies that sponsor cars, right?

Blockbuster - Yep, you guessed.  Newman wins, free movie rentals!

Bob Nardelli -  He's a cool dude that loves NASCAR.  With his $200M+ severance package from Home Depot, I think he can afford it.  Although, now he is only making $1 a year as Chrysler's CEO.  Plus, the real reason Newman won the 500, because Nardelli guaranteed a Dodge would win.  Too boot, he tossed in a $1M bonus for the team that won it.  Nice!


After the Olympics are over, Tony will make the announcement.  Wouldn't it be nuts if one of these was the one?!