QB Controvery: 2011 NFL Draft For The Raiders Changes With Question Mark at QB

Austin Swaim@@Swaim55Contributor ISeptember 25, 2010

Moore may be the answer in Oakland
Moore may be the answer in OaklandGeoff Burke/Getty Images

Before the 2009 season, the Raiders felt JaMarcus Russell would develop into a great QB and would lead the Raiders to the playoffs. So, the Raiders traded their first rounder in 2011 for Richard Seymour. When reports said Seymour was the Raiders' first choice, the Patriots also offered Vince Wilfork, which might have been worth it, but Seymour has not made much of an impact. Instead, The Raiders seem destined for a 7-9 season or so but with still a question at quarterback. 

Bruce Gradkowski has shown he has the talent and scrap to lead Oakland in a few games, but the Raiders are still looking for a Brady, Manning, or Brees to put into the game for intimidation and knowledge of how to score. Gradkowski's wins have been low scoring affairs. The Raiders will have two main needs in April, and only 2 picks in the first two days to get it done. Those needs are Quarterback and offensive line.

The draft may have four good quarterbacks who may similar to Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford in April, and there should be only four teams who need a QB (Browns,Bills, Cardinals, Raiders). The Raiders should look at two QBs that possibly may be in the second round, which are Ryan Mallett and Kellen Moore. Both have sound looking fundamentals, but what makes Kellen Moore especially intriguing for Oakland is the similarities between he and Rich Gannon or Bruce Gradkowski. By that, I mean Moore's athleticism. He scrambles around in the pocket and finds open recievers. Plus, he doesn't have a ton of talent around him, nor has he, and he beat #3 TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. 

These are two quarterbacks to look at as the Raiders developmental QB behind Gradkowski or Campbell, but things could change. Dayne Crist looks solid, and he could leave Notre Dame and be a solid late round pick, or Jake Locker could continue to fall way down boards to the Raiders, but either way, the Raiders need a future QB not named JaMarcus