UFC 119 Results: Frank Mir Knees His Way To Victory Over Cro Cop

Code _Contributor ISeptember 26, 2010

A Decisive Win Over A Legend
A Decisive Win Over A Legend

This was an uneventful fight until the 3rd round, when Mirko Cro Cop got caught with a right knee to the chin, knocking him out in a decisive win for Frank Mir.

An Uneventful Boxing Match

The fight stayed standing, with few kicks by either fighter--although Mir tried a number of times to take Cro Cop down and work his BJJ magic.   Mir showed his lack of take-down ability and Cro Cop showed his excellent defense. 

Clinches Without Scoring

Mir chose to push Cro Cop up against the cage, but when he did so, he did little work in the clinch, not scoring often, and causing referee Herb Dean to break up the clinch and bring the fight back to the center of the octagon.

Is This A Fight?

Cro Cop looked tentative in his striking, and never seemed to find his range with Mir, while Mir went forward with many combination attacks as Cro Cop back-pedaled avoiding damage. 

Both fighters had a moment where they dropped their hands, inviting the other to attack due to the slow and cautious pace of the fight.  By the 3rd round, I was feeling sympathy for the judges, wondering how they could score such an uneventful fight--that was until the knee by Mir.


The Decisive Knee

Cro Cop attacked with both hands as Mir was moving back--then Cro Cop ducked under the counter, still moving in--but Mir lifted his knee just as Cro Cop ducked, catching Cro Cop flush on the chin, knocking him out instantly.

Although Cro Cop was clearly out, on his back with his hands by his side, Mir leaped in and landed two more shots before Herb Dean pulled him off.

While a win against Cro Cop at this stage in his career is not as sweet as it would have been in his prime, he is still a formidable fighter and Mir finished him.